Not all of our backlinks are indexed in the Search engines and ping submission is one of the best ways for indexing and better ranking of a blog. A single click can do everything for your blog indexing in no time. Pinging site is a website that allows you to submit your URL to different web directories and Search engine communities. It allows submitting your website to search engines with the dedicated servers to ensure maximum uptime, private proxies and no registration. Basically, they alert the Search engines about your submitted link. The entire process is also known as Pinging. If you don’t have high quality content, even after indexing your site won’t be ranked.

Nowadays, all are moving towards automation of submitting websites and Ping submission sites allow you to submit your website directly to the directories and search engines through URL and keywords. It sends a notification to the directories and search engines about your submitted content. Ultimately, it gives better traffic rate and profits to the submitted URL. If you do it use you can create auto high PR backlink that help to increase your website rank in organic search result. Almost 60% backlinks still are not indexed in the Webmaster and this is one of the best and fast ways to get them indexed. Using ping submission sites can often get your link indexed by Google and various search engines within 24 hours.

How to do Ping submission?

Ping Submission Tips-min

The entire process is very simple and basically there are 4 steps:

  1. Open the High DA free ping submission sites list 2019 listed below.
  2. Open sites one by one.
  3. No registration required, so you just need to open the site and fill up all the details like name (title) and blog home page link with the RSS URL.
  4. Hit the Submit button after being done with the form to ping your website to the search engines.

Benefits of Ping submission:-

  • It gets faster indexing of your web pages or blog URLs.
  • Increases search engine visibility and also multiply your Organic search engine traffic.
  • It lists your website in multiple search engines.
  • Even the non-indexed can be indexed easily in no time.

Ping Submission Sites List:-

S.NO Premium Sponsor Listing Month
1 Jan-16
2 Jan-16
3 Jan-16
4 Jan-16
S.NO Ping Submission Sites List Month
1 19-June
2 19-June
3 19-June
4 19-June
5 19-June
6 19-June
7 19-June
8 19-June
9 19-June
10 19-June
11 19-June
12 19-June
13 19-June
14 19-June
15 19-June