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January 3, 2019

Rupa Communications is a graphic design company in Delhi which provides services of advertisement and promotion with latest techniques that actually worth. We aim to produce designs that must be fitted in every retina at a single glance. Our graphic designers did not use any special tool for making an attractive design; all they need is texts, symbols, designs, logos, colour, images etc. Our team believes in converting an idea into eye-catching designs that looks marvelous. Though having a Graphic designing expertisation is an advantage, yet, this field does not demand for any such specialization.

We believe in designing for the future which makes some sense as well. Our strategic experts and creative minds commits to give a complete complex challenges with smart tools. We look at both sides of the coin, keeps an eagle eye at brand and its followers both. With these fast moving technologies, brands also need to move at a higher speed than others and graphic designing services in Delhi will surely help you.

Our team will look at your project wisely to better understand the details helpful in making the logo and other services offered by us. The services that we offered are: Web designing and development, Print designing services, Logo designing and Graphic designing.

How we work?

  1. Discuss: The first step would be discussion that is for in-depth knowledge.
  2. Designing: This is the most important part of our side. We hire the best of designers across the country and each of our members owns its unique style and vogue.
  3. Printing: Once done with the designing part, here comes the printing option where we send a print out of design for convenience. We deal with the insides of this profession.

In this post, we are going to reveal some hidden facts about Graphic designing:

  1. It is believed that graphic designing has been started in 13th century by the time of ancient Egyptians where they used to mark their domesticated animals for ownership.
  2. Johann Gutenberg was the first person met with movable type of typography.
  3. One of the most used fonts named Helvetica was first introduced in 20th It was created in 1950 by Max Miedinger. It is known as the first preference of designers looking for clean, bold and modern look.
  4. The very first edition of Photoshop (Photoshop 1.0) was introduced by American brothers Thomas and John Knoll in 1988. Further it is released in February, 1990.
  5. The term Graphic Design was first introduced by a book designer William Addison Dwiggins in year 1922.
  6. A British computer scientist who was 60-year old was first launched the first website in 1991.
  7. The Museum of Art has established the world’s first curatorial department that is dedicated to Architecture and Design.
  8. The platform of Graphic designing is something used for sharing the inspirational and passionate designs meant for commercial purpose though.
  9. The Facebook has used a modified version of Klavika for its logo.

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