Everyone wants to wear better T-shirts in this modern era and so we are providing exclusive t-shirts collection of different colors and designs. The business of T shirt printing is totally dependent on new and exclusive designs that we provide at Dinkcart.in. Customised T-shirts are those ones that can be designed according to need of an individual. They also give an opportunity to boost your business outreach with brand promotion.

Sublimation or Digital printing is a new type of T-shirt printing that is a sure shot for creating customized T shirts in the best possible way. They are time and money saver both at the same time.

#Benefits of Sublimation/Digital Printing:

  • Image quality is the finest in this with higher resolution and an overall neat appearance. Though polyster fabric is the best one for Sublimation T shirt printing in Delhi but it can be done efficiently on anything that is flat, light coloured substrate. Ceramic mugs, Water bottles, Coasters, Metals, Magnetic sheets, Plaques, Name badges, License plates, Car flags, Mouse pads, Fabric puzzles, Ceramic tiles, Glass tiles, Poker chips, 100% polyester shirts and more can be printed with Sublimation printing.
  • They are inexpensive to produce: Yes, you will be shocked by listening the price of Bulk T-shirt printing, not in a bad manner but in good one. Possibilities of having any disadvantage are almost endless.
  • Production process is quick and can even be done overnight.
  • Polo T shirts are the best formal wears that a company can give to their employees. Print your company name and get your brand recognized. Agree or not, uniform saves time. Custom T shirt printing Delhi is the best ones to recognize.
  • Having your brand name recognized can increase the productivity in the most awesome manner and quickest way.
  • T-shirts can be weared by anyone of any age group which is the best-known outfit to put on. No introduction is required when giving T shirts.
  • They are trend proof (evergreen)
  • T-shirts are very versatile garments that allow you to modify them in any manner that you can think of. This technique is getting popularity gradually and is inexpensive as well.
  • Sublimation printing gives you more visibility and brightness respectively. The ink used in this technique does not get into the garment and not absorbed within the fabric. Ink will be remaining on the surface of shirt but are bending and flexible with T-shirt. Slightly raised ink gives an amazing view of 3-D effect.
  • It can be done on any color of Shirt and fabric too but goes best with Polyester fabric. They can be an excellent choice for sports team, Groups and organizations with a traditional looking customized T-shirt.

Dinkcart also provides Vinyl printing, Digital printing, Embroidery printing, and Screen printing. Above all, we have separate and specialized team for Sublimation printing. Mug, Cap, and Pen printing services are also the factors where we have clean hand on.

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