Creating a perfect SEO report for your client could be tricky.There are various ways and different approaches with which you can prepare a perfect SEO report for your client. Now, it depends upon the type of client that you have and what is the need of the client because based on that only you can you will be able to prepare a customized report for your client. Digital marketing companies work to achieve different goals for different clients. SEO reports are important, and these are prepared to show the upper management and the stakeholders about the overall performance of the business and how the businesshas been performing overall.

Now, youmust be very specific when it comes to preparing the perfect SEO report?

Traffic of the Channels

People who hire digital marketing teams want their website to come at the top in the SERPs. If this is what the client needs, then you must include the traffic of the channel at the top. You can also mention which is the primary source or the medium of the traffic. You can use these metrics for yourownfuture references too. If you know where the traffic is coming, then you will spend your time and money only on that medium of traffic.

Conversion rate and goal completion

Your website might be ranking at the top, with all the traffic in the world but it isof no good to you if it does not bring in business or conversions.

Clients are more interested in the metrics,and the conversion rate belongs at the beginning of the SEO report.

If the conversion rate is right, then it will be good thing to flaunt to your clients in the report but if it isn’t then it could ruin the overall report.

Once you explain the conversion rate to your clients, then it will help in explain to your clients the rest as many things are inter-related to one another and entwined to one another.

Page Level Traffic

So, there are different pages on a website;some might have nice videos, other good pictures,andsome engaging content. If you prepare this report, you will get to know which page is performing better. With this point, your clients will gain an insight into what is being liked by all your website visitors. By comparing the traffic and the data of 2 to 3 pages, you will understand better as which is performing and better. This report will even help your client to understand and work on the shortcomings and make improvements on the pages that lack attention.

Page Speed Insights

If you want more and more readers on your website and on top of that if you want to reduce the bounce rate, then you need to give your viewers a seamless experience. If the loading speed of the page is slow then you will suffer the bounce rate increases,and you might be losing your chance of getting a good number of conversions.

Future recommendations and executive plans

Although you might be buried under the huge reports and data but including this section in the end part of the report will show the client that what doing next is important? Moving forward it will help your clients to or the upper management.

This part of the report will turn your report into an actionable one.

To prepare a nice and definitive SEO report by conducting an On-Page SEO Audit first as it will give a clear picture of what all things need to be workedupon.