Major announcements by Google for Indian market

February 24, 2018
Google event


Google has organized its annual event GoogleForIndia in India. Meanwhile, Google South Asia Asia Vice President Rajan Anandan, Google Next billion user Cesar Sengupta, Google Maps director Martha Welch and Android Play Vice President Sameer Samat were present. Apart from this, Shashidhar Thakur, Engineering Vice President of Google Search and Amitabh Kant, CEO of Nitish Commission, has also attended this event.

In the third edition of Google for India, the company has launched a number of products for India. Apart from this, a new service has been announced to add new service to the recently launched Digital Transmission App. During this event, the company has given a new option in the map for two-wheelers in India. Navigation through this can reach Destination faster. Two Wheeler Navigation System updates will be given in Google Maps.

The special point of this event is that the company has targeted the users of the Indian market, who use cheap smartphones. Internet connectivity in India is also slow and in this case, new applications launched at this event will be very beneficial.

Apart from this, the light version of Android Orio Go Edition, Files Go, and Google Assistant has been introduced, specially designed for entry-level and cheap smartphones. Google has announced to give a Google Assistant in JioPhone during this period and it has been said that this is the first time Google Aastent is being offered in a feature phone.

Google launches Google Go, click and here’s what special.

Bill Payment will soon be available on the fast app. During GoogleForIndia, the company showed bill payment through the Google Rapid App on stage. This feature has some attractive animations which are excellent. In the next few weeks, new updates will be available in the fast app and after this bill can also be made.

Google has launched this event in a special Google Assistant for JioPhone

At the beginning of the event, Google Southeast Asia Vice President Rajan Anandan said that India has become 400 million Internet users this year and they are now using more data than before. He has said that now every 4Gb of average USB users are consuming users and in the next four years this figure is expected to increase from 4GB to 11GB.

Google Launches Two Wheeler Navigation Option for Special Google Map for India

Google Next billion user vice president, Cesar Sen Gupta has said, “Our India First Products lineup has been designed in such a way that it is easy for users to use the Internet. Whether it is time to pay bills or to navigate fast or to find answers to any questions. In India, First Products is not just for India but later it will also be launched in other countries

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