Low Budget Marketing Ideas

January 10, 2019
Low Budget Marketing Ideas

Every business wants to better itself, and to bring in more customers. If you don’t, then you might want to question why you are in business in the first place. Regardless of any specific reasoning, though, you will find that one common reason why you might not push the boat out on your business is cost. Selling yourself costs a lot of money. Many businesses have ruined themselves by reaching too far into the future and trying to scale up too fast.

If your marketing budget is limited, then, here are some cost-effective ideas with a high return on investment if done right.

Show off your expertise

So long as you don’t mind doing the shooting yourself, you could easily create some good videos for your website. It lets you to show off your authority and knowledge, allows you to answer some commonly asked customer questions and can get your business out there.

Look for a common misconception within your industry, and answer it accordingly. You don’ need to go the full hog and pay millions for a big budget video. Instead, some smart camera positioning, formal attire and informative content will make-up for any visual drop-off.

Run an AMA

While not great for everyone (and it does have the risk to go sour fast), you could run an ‘ask me anything’ on Reddit. Basically, you put yourself forward as a potential expert in a given subject and then answer questions for people.

If you do this, then make sure you can be there to give our fast responses. Don’t rise to the bait from trolls, either. Do this, and combine it with answering other Reddit queries in a helpful manner, and you can get a lot of traffic from the often confusing social media site.

Form an infographic

Thanks to sites like Fiverr, you could easily collate some very interesting information about your industry and have it turned into a great infographic. Infographics are immensely affordable and, so long as you don’t mind gathering the facts, you can turn to an illustrator to turn it all into a cool, easily shared and informative piece of content in a short space of time.

So long as you don’t mind doing the hard work to get the details together, you could easily create shareable content and articles about the infographic which will be picked up by blogs, websites and social media to great effect.

It’s easily among the most affordable ways to build up your business reputation.

Create a customer referral system

One of the best ways to make yourself visible to the people you want to be seen by is to build a referral program. Just let all of your previous customers know that they could get some kind of bonus if they get someone else to use your service or buy from your site.

It’s a simple, effective and hugely profitable way to get people involved in your business. It’s also great for making sure you don’t fall out of the memory of those who already used your business. Rewarding loyalty will go a long way in life – so be sure to make sure you reward those who use your service to encourage them to use it again in future.



David Guetta is an entrepreneur and freelance writer. He works closely with B2B businesses providing marketing, business, technology, content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.

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