Being the best medium to get connected digitally, websites hold every aspect to draw online users. But the website design is changing every year as the requirement of different people changes with time. Multiple designers use multiple emerging elements like broken grid layouts, typographic animations, and different kinds of fluid effects. If you are searching for the best websites design, then you have landed on the right page.

There are so many web designs available that you can choose based on your requirement. Web designs like flat, responsive, interactive, and so many others that you can choose to implement if you want. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the best designs of different websites. It includes fresh as well as creative websites that you have developed using CMSs. You will also see some websites that will help to boost your creativity in web designing.

Know the 10 Best Websites Design

When you want to push the boundaries of different websites, there are certain things that you should know of. Whether it’s the design aesthetics, interactivity, usability, or other aspects that the site offers, they all have their own perspectives. In this section, you are going to know the best websites design that people follow at a massive rate. So, without delaying too much let’s get into the websites to get a more detailed idea.

  1. The Cool Club

Users always like the pages where they can interact with various elements without any trouble. Cool Club comes with so many micro-interactions that users like when they browse through its different pages. As an example, if a user wants to click on a card box, then he or she can easily do that. You’ll find the words shaking and waving if you hover the navigation bar items of the website to make it more interesting. Users across the globe like such micro-interactions that make them more interesting.

Furthermore, the site also utilizes several white spaces that will focus on the products that the site offers. It also helps to grab the attention of the visitor and covert him or her to a potential customer. Now, you can use such micro interactions to make the site better as the best websites design comes with. There are so many UI or UX designers who use micro interactions to create compelling websites.

  1. Papazian Jewelry Display

This is one such website that fully utilizes video to convey its appropriate contents to the users. If you visit the site, then you will find a video is running at the background which displays the overall production process. With the help of this approach, users get to know each and every piece of jewelry they make with all the details on the website. Everything comes with so much detail that this approach and this also brings it on the list of the best web design Dubai.  The website is an exceptional example of the minimalist website design that many designers use to show their creativeness on the site.

Whatsoever, users should get every product after seeing it in detail and this website offers so. The coordination of the background video with the overall design of the website makes it more compelling. The color scheme that the designers use on the website contributes to an overall sense of every aspect of jewelry. It clearly enhances the sense of elegance and fashion that they have. Hence, if you want, then you can also optimize your website with such video content. Designers have the full flexibility to use different GIF components to make the page more attractive. Moreover, you can even import video and make an edit on it before publishing it online in the process of designing web interfaces.

  1. Draft

Being a design studio website, this one has a lot of interesting features that can amaze you. It uses some kinetic text animation to make the page more attractive and interesting during the time of page loading. With the help of the broken grid layout, they showcase their portfolio items on the website. Users can have the full flexibility to select all the items one by one with a selection effect that makes the site more attractive. The effect is used to enhance the design of each listing.

These design elements have so much effectiveness in stimulating users’ interest while they are surfing the website. It will also encourage site interactions whenever a user is scrolling through the site. What you can do here is that you can personalize your website with different layouts of a broken grid. It also uses kinetic text animations to show all the contents that you have used on the UI of your website. As the best websites design technique, you can use symmetrical grid layouts on your website instead of asymmetrical one.

  1. Waaark

When you visit the website, you will find cool fluid effects on it that makes it more attractive. It can retain the users after they visit the website with its attractiveness. Moreover, the illustrated design style that you will find on the website has all the capabilities that make it an eye-catching.

If you want to enhance the visual appeal of your website, then you can do so with all the fluid effects on it. Due to the popularity of the fluid effects, designers have been constantly using these effects on their web or application interfaces. While designing a User Interface no matter for which platform you are making it, it’s worth adding such design elements.

  1. Mt. Cuba Center

There are many garden websites that use some boring still images on them to inform people. But with the Mt. Cuba Center, you don’t have to get bored with such static photos and texts. Because this is one such botanical garden website that uses some sort of dynamic texts along with the HD images. Everything on the website is placed perfectly as you will need them to be. If you are searching for the best websites design, then you will find everything in that criteria on this website.

As a user, you’ll be able to stroll through virtually on the website. It comes with all the high-quality images that show beautiful sceneries packed up with the information. You can use dynamic text and photos for a spontaneous web interface that you want to design. In addition to that, you can customize some special effects for the UI texts and photos to make the site more beautiful and attractive.

  1. Wanderlust and Co

It’s another jewelry store website that can make you awestruck with its stunning look and design. This website stands out for some of the best features that you cannot find in other jewelry store websites. You’ll find smart searching, filtering, and navigation features to help you directly get to the product you want to purchase from the site. All these features contribute to a visually appealing design on the website.

For each jewelry category, you will find the features that come with diversified mouse cursor styles. The mouse cursor style will get automatically changed when users browse through different categories. As the best website design Dubai, it creates an engaging and interactive design element on the website. You will also get the flexibility to enhance the website with all the humanized design elements that make it user-friendly. Such elements include fonts, colors, product features, varying mouse cursor style, and so many others.

  1. Chairish

As a furniture website, you will get so many features that will make you surprised as you visit the page. For promoting hot products, the website uses a special carousel on its home page and constantly updates them. Users have the full functionality to check for the information that they need. To get all such information, the website comes with a smart searching option. Designers have designed it as one of the best websites design when it comes to furniture websites.

You can showcase the promoted products directly on the homepage of the website that has that you are about to design. It also allows you to simplify the interface with the most attractive designs which have flat icons too. There are several platforms that can offer you showcase the products you offer on the homepage of your website. To display different products, you only have to drag and drop different product images on the image carousel. The component of “Icon and Label” is also useful as it can help you create several icons that have texts on them. For better performance, you get the full flexibility to add interactions to these buttons.

  1. Woodendot

The moment you visit the website, you will like the interface it offers to its users. The ecommerce website has an online help panel for the visitors for their convenience. It allows users to ask for help regarding each product or services they offer at any time they want. Moreover, users also can hide the feature when they don’t need it and this makes the overall interface better than others.

As one of the best websites design methodologies, you can always provide your users with a better UI. Including such a help panel on the website makes it more user-friendly. You can use this panel or a simple Q & A section on the website that makes the page more interactive. In this way, you’ll not only get more traffic but a better ranking also. If you want to enhance the website UX, then you can use a medium where users can directly interact with you.

  1. Manuel Rueda

A website that allows its users to navigate through different features which mainly focus on parallax scrolling design. The website also enables users to drive through a set of videos that carry the information on the site. You can scroll the mouse wheel to navigate through the videos. The amazing parallax scroll effect brings the site on the list of the best websites design.

Whatsoever,  it is a user-friendly experience that you will find related to the moment of watching a movie on a website. You can draw more web traffic by using the parallax scrolling design on the website.  It will help you highlight all the visual hierarchies, layouts, and the most significant products.

  1. Signal Boosters

In case, you are searching for a website that uses a beautiful illustration design style to showcase the products, then visit the Signal Boosters website. Here, you will find all the interface components that make the whole design more elegant and appealing.

Thus, you can impress all the users by using some illustrations on the website. The best websites design comes with the best styling. And the best styling can be achieved only through such beautiful illustration stylings. It has become a popular trend with the web designers because of the interesting obvious aesthetic that makes the website more compelling.

Ending Note

It’s an end to the discussion where you got familiar with the best websites design to improve online presence in an effective manner. You can go through all the websites and see how they have been designed and how they interact with a user. You will get to learn all the tactics that people like to see when they are visiting a website. We hope that the article could possibly guide you through the most appropriate websites.


  1. What are the 10 Most Popular Websites?

There are many websites that have so much popularity among users across the globe. For the top 10 most popular websites, you can go through the section below.

  1. Google
  2. YouTube
  3. Facebook
  4. Baidu
  5. Wikipedia
  6. Yahoo
  8. Reddit


  1. What are the Best Websites?

Apart from the above list, there are some other websites which are also popular around the world. It includes Wikipedia, Multiple Submissions, Wolfram, etc which are famous due to the reason that they hold information regarding most of the important facts. There are other websites like Netflix, Pornhub,, Zombo, and many more websites. All these websites have been recommended by redditors as the best websites.

  1. What are the Most Popular Websites in the US?

As we all know Google reigns in the United States when it comes to the most visited websites. After Google, there is YouTube which is visited by a majority of the people of the United States. Then the next site is Facebook where people come and share a lot of things whatever they want. Amazon comes fourth on the list as it offers several products to its customers. Afterward, there is Yahoo, Wikipedia, Reddit, and other websites that people use to visit most of the time in the US.