Latest update about Web 3.0 and its ancestors

January 5, 2019

Web2.0 is the new Off-page technique in Search Engine Optimization responsible for better ranking of a website. It is an application that is generated to facilitate users and is effective as well. Anyone can contribute to this site for sharing content. It’s a user-oriented programmer. Some of its benefits are:

  1. Boost in User-engagement
  2. Availability round-the-clock
  3. Huge varieties of Media
  4. Easy to access
  5. Folksonomy i.e., tagging users for better engagement
  6. Gives real-time discussions
  7. No requirement of IT support or coding knowledge
  8. Most of the web2.0 sites are free
  9. Comfort level is great while using them
  10. Biggest example of a web2.0 site is Facebook itself

Either for a formal use or informal one, Facebook really serves itself very well in promoting as well as connecting individuals. A user can come to any web2.0 site and contribute his/her valuable information to rank it well on Search engine. Some main facilities provided by these sites are files storage capability, images can be fed and are self-publishing. A user can provide data on web 2.0 site and entertain some controls offered by that site. It reflects as a whole new website.

Web 3.0 or The Semantic web- The 3rd generation of Web Family

This is the advanced stage of development named web 3.0 that is mainly focused to provide information for search engine as well as users. It is an Online knowledge community and is quite easier and effective comparative to web 2.0. Grabbing knowledge and utilizing it in a positive manner is a must in this world of technology. Go through this post to be surely clear about differences between web2.0 and web3.0.

Differences between Web2.0 and Web 3.0

Web2.0 Web3.0
Blogs Life stream
Widely read web Portable personal web
Focus on Communities Focus on individuals
Sharing content Dynamic content
Google Net vibes
Cost per click User engagement
Rich in Media Viral
Read and write Portable and personal


7 major benefits of Web3.0 as mentioned below:

  1. Mobile friendly, amazing connectivity, allowance of access from mobile devices
  2. Broadband adoption
  3. Differences between Cloud and grid computing systems
  4. Meeting new technologies, data formats and license
  5. Remarkable reputation, identity, and personal data access
  6. Introducing web technologies like OWL, RDF, SPARQL, SWRL and much more to come
  7. Web technologies that meet the level of intelligence, machine learning, reasoning and natural language processing which means there will be no need for special HTML coding knowledge

The time Web2.0 has been launched, it’s like users got just everything they need from the Internet so just think about wb3.0. Isn’t its just mind blowing?? Unbeatable 3-D experience is like cream on top of the dish. While thinking about technology and mobile devices, iPhone X is the only wish every mobile user ever wanted. Get the most amazing phone at lower prices from our Flipkart store.

If have any doubt about the same, do comment and we ensure replies as soon as possible from our side. Good luck!!!

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