Know the reasons behind slow loading of your website

January 25, 2019
Tips to optimize the website performance

Ever frustrated because of slower loading time of a website? This is the time taken to a page or website to load itself. It is a performance metric that directly impacts your user engagement.

What actually is website loading time?

It is meant to be measured in seconds. According to Kissmetrics blog, 47% of visitors are expected to load a website in less than 02 seconds which is also the optimal website loading time.

What is Bounce rate and what it tells about my website?

This is the most misunderstood term in Google analytics. Bounce rate is the percentage of those users that leave your website without browsing for any other page. They do not look for further information except the landing page. This is one of the most powerful metric s that can affect your website’s traffic.

  1. Bad performance of server: This is the most concerning factor because it won’t affect your website performance but directly shuts it down. The location of the server can also affect your performance.
  2. The number of users can also slow down your website’s loading time. No need to drag additional items for attracting your visitors, this may cause your server slow down.
  3. Don’t add up the extra-large images or having complex file format. Larger images can take up extra time to load. The browsers have the ability to load only JPG, PNG and GIF images quickly. Avoid using images that are in TIFF and BMP formats.
  4. Outdated CMS: Try to install every update of WordPress, Drupal or Wix that are managing your site.
  5. Avoid using too much of fancy flash as they are responsible for making your website seriously down.
  6. Resize your images, change the image format, reduce image quality, eliminate the fancy flash and also remove all the bulky code that includes line breaks and excess spacing.

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