Is it the best choice to choose WordPress to build your website?

November 13, 2019

Certainly, WordPress is at present the most popular website builder in the world. But confusions create when you keep an eye on other page builders such as Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace. So there is a big question if WordPress is the best page builder to build a website. In this post, I will show every little and big facts about WordPress and hopefully, you will meet the answer to this burning question.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS. The full meaning of CMS is the content management system. WordPress allows you to edit and take full control over your website. The users don’t need to be coding or programming expert to operate this system.

At present more than 31% of websites are powered by WordPress. In 2003, they started as a simple blogging platform and later on, they became a CMS and application development company successfully.
They easiest wait to describe WordPress is “it is a CMS to build a website and that allows you to publish, create, edit and manage content on your website.”

What kind of websites can be created with WordPress?

One of the main reason for being the most popular website builder is you can create almost all kinds of websites using this CMS. I am showing you what kind of websites you can create and generally created with WordPress.

You can easily create a business website, blog or personal website, portfolio website, eCommerce website, job board website, business directory website, coupon website, wiki websites, niche affiliate website and many more. It’s really uncountable and almost impossible to describe how many websites can be created.

How to use WordPress and how it works?

There are 3 steps one can easily use on a theme and it works. But at first, you have to setup and create the website functions. The installation system is really okay and customization is easier. After that, the 3 steps come for running and keeping your website active.

• Add a content: Using the post editor it is really easy to add a content. First with the visual builder, a WYSIWYG style editor and plain text ‘Text editor’ you can add formatting by writing HTML contents. Unfortunately, you cannot have any content customizing feature.

• Apply design and appearance of a website: Happy to know that a powerful templating engine will allow you to choose a WordPress theme for your website. There are thousands of free and paid themes for your website. You can also hire a web designer to create your unique theme or you can create by yourself with some particular drag and drop builder. There are also so many functions to decorate more attractively.

• Diffusing WordPress with add-ons: There you will also have the opportunities of adding add-ons. There are 55000 Free WordPress Plugins available and some essential plugin integration helps you to make a super cool website.

Advantages and disadvantages of WordPress

Actually, I will not say WordPress 100% perfect. But advantages are a lot with this website builders. I will discuss shortly those pros and cons of WordPress.

Advantages of WordPress

WordPress is fully free and happy to know that users have full control over the website data and file.

With WordPress, you will find lots of extensions, plugins, features, add-ons and many things. So those are really helpful for the users.

There you will find lots of themes with WordPress. To make your website attractive it is necessary.

WordPress is crafted in the way that you don’t need any coding knowledge to build a website. So the beginner to professional, everyone can easily handle this theme.

Easy customization system is one of the greatest advantages. It decreases complexity and functions are easy enough. Besides, installation and setup are also easy quick and easy.

WordPress is fully responsive. At present mobile is one of the biggest media to enter a website. WordPress is crafted to be supported to all sorts of devices.

• WordPress is certainly cheaper thanks other CMS.

Another helpful thing about WordPress is there are tons of tutorial videos for the user of WordPress.

Disadvantages of WordPress

As you are in charge of your website you have to be conscious about update, security, backup and others. You can make them automatic even after that you need to pay attention to those factors.

You don’t need any coding knowledge but HTML and CSS knowledge will be helpful for you. So, you need to acquire that knowledge for more flexibility.

A built-in page builder is a big advantage but WordPress doesn’t give that advantage. So the beginners face a little problem with it.

Is WordPress appropriate for you?

There are some facts about WordPress which assure if WordPress is appropriate for you or not.

If you are looking for a portfolio or blog or personal website then here is WordPress for you. If you are beginners and capable to follow some tutorials them it is perfect for you. eCommerce business goes well with WordPress theme. If you want to establish a professional business website without spending lots of money then WordPress is the best. As you will be in charge of your website you need to look after and maintenance of your site.

If you can agree with those conditions and looking websites of those categories then WordPress is appropriate for you.

Way to get started with WordPress

Actually, there are only two main tasks to be started with WordPress. At first, you have to register a domain name and second you need to buy a web hosting. Some web hostings provide free domain name with web hosting. Also, don’t forget to grab WordPress coupon code. Those are more helpful for you. After those just follow the steps to create a website and nothing more needed.

Here I have shown so many points including the negative points. Considering everything the advantages seem a lot more in number. Besides, comparing the price and coding knowledge WordPress provides the best solution for building a website. So the people’s choice WordPress is undoubtedly a reliable one to create a website.

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