Is Facebook really bad?

June 24, 2019
how facebook is just eating your valuable time

Today’s era is an era of internet and in this era of internet, Facebook is the world’s largest Social Media Network. Today, when someone starts using the internet, using the browser, even if you do not learn, makes Facebook’s profile first. Even if someone can not create a profile then he makes his profile from others.

Facebook is very useful for us; it is very easy to communicate with friends and relatives.

Whatever activity you do on Facebook keeps on being logged and Facebook uses them to understand and learn about your future activities. And with the help of this information, he lures the preachers.

There are many disadvantages of using Facebook, which should always be cautious. Now, to deal with any threat, we have to first identify those dangers. So first know the bad effects of Facebook here and see which bad effects are affecting you. After that, take measures to deal with those bad influences.

Is Facebook makes time useless?

Friends, there is a verse in Sanskrit; “Vyavayate varavayat vareti” meaning that it should not be done in any other work. But many people spend a lot of time on Facebook, so that their other essential work is not completed. Especially on Facebook, Facebook has a lot of effect and its use has a bad effect on her studies. People check Facebook in minutes and waste their time.

Does facebook depress you?

Yes, friends Facebook and Facebook friends create such an environment in front of you so that you can have a depression. People always share their achievements on Facebook. Now if you have hundreds of friends on facebook, then any friend or friend shares some of your achievements like any new purchase or a tour or an event or status of an event every day. Because of this, you feel as if everyone is happier and better than you.

But this is not necessarily the case at all. Because when people are struggling with problems or if something bad happens to them, often they do not post these things on Facebook. This creates a kind of bias on Facebook, where everyone looks happy. And when you compare your real life with these happy posts available on Facebook, you feel that you are poor, unhappy compared to other people and there is nothing going on in your life.

With these things, you have come to understand how Facebook creates an environment that can take you into depression.

The danger of cheating and fraud on Facebook – Facebook runs through the internet, where it is not possible to verify the reality of each person. In such a situation, we take the information given by them to be right and we can rely on such people to make us very happy.

Although Facebook’s terms and policies are not allowed to give wrong information about themselves but Facebook can not verify it. In such a situation, the news of fraud on Facebook often comes in the newspapers. Apart from this, it is also difficult to prove the authenticity of the information shared on Facebook, and by taking advantage of this, some people keep spreading lies on Facebook.

The result of Facebook is bad for students

The use of Facebook is a bad influence on students’ studies. Studies from Facebook, especially chat requests on messenger and messenger are very disturbed and their result is poor.

Your health is worse with Facebook

Facebook sticks to your mobile or mobile network throughout the day, which reduces their physical activity, which is not good for your health.

Those who use Facebook more are also at risk of death – those who keep on posting selfie of strange strange and dangerous places on Facebook, there is also a danger of knowing about the dizziness of selfie at these dangerous places. The news of selfie death spreads in newspapers.

Is Facebook separating you from Internet?

Yes, even if Facebook runs on the internet, its features let you stay on Facebook without using the internet, so that you can not do other activities on the internet rather than Facebook. Remain limited. And what happened in Facebook, which came to the news, the videos that came in the video gathering information. In this way you can not take full advantage of the use of internet.

Facebook messing with your emotions ?

Facebook did a experiment some time ago when they filtered the posts coming to the people’s Facebook feed. That is, just to show posts with good news and to someone just posts with bad news After this, the impact on these people was seen. With this experiment it became clear that the kind of posts that are more popular on Facebook also become the mood of the people.

Meaning Facebook can change our emotions. This situation is not suitable for any society. Because it gives Facebook a power that can significantly damage people. That’s why Facebook can also use to spread the enemy propaganda of the country.

If you look carefully, you will understand that this propaganda war is going on Facebook and people are ready to fight for it.

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