Is Building Public Blog Network an Ethical SEO Practice?

January 16, 2020
Public Blog Network

PBNs is one subject that kindles a debate every time SEO specialists are having a round conference over the most advanced methods of linking building.

What is a Public Blog Network And How It Works?

A PBN is a string of nonintegrated live websites/blogs that are administrated by an individual or an organization.

But, why would someone invest so much money in building & maintaining multiple sites? The reason being the person who is supervising all these websites is attempting to manipulate the search algorithms of Google and Bing in order to obtain & cement top positions for the primary business website on search engine result pages.

Now You Question How Will It Be Possible for External Blogs to Influence a Site Ranking?

The answer lies in the way Google and other search engines rank websites. They give greater weightage to sites with quality backlinks. So, the PBN blogs act as genuine backlinks to the money site you want to promote.

Now, is the Big Question?

Is Public Blog Network an Ethical SEO Practice?

Neither building external blogs/ sites to get backlinks for the money website an unethical Black Hat SEO method nor a White Hat SEO technique, then you speculate what it is. PBNs are categorized under the Gray Hat SEO strategies. Means, building public blog networks are a riskier means of link building, but it is not a crime in the Google Guidelines that can get your website banned. All you’ve to do is to clear away the links coming from the PBN sites in case Google sends you a warning. Typically, the warning of Google takes at least 5 to 7 days for implementation, so you don’t need to dynamite Public Blog Network immediately.

So, the ball in your court you’ve decide whether PBN is worth risking or not.

Is Building a Public Blog Network an Effective Practice In 2019?

Once you know the status of PBNs in the Google guidelines, now your next question would be, does it have any influencing impact on the main website? The answer is yes, it is an effective method employed by search engine optimization specialists to drive quality backlinks. Amidst all the negative hype around the PBNs, it is one method that has a knack of foster measurable search engine optimization results.

PBNs have always displayed that it has the power to rank your primary money website higher on the SERP pages via built a robust backlink profile, which is one of the integral ranking factors.

The links coming from the Public Blog Network generate a lot of link juice, which is transferred onto the primary money site. So, gradually you’ll discover your site is heading the upward slope in terms of rankings.

You can either build your own Public Blog Network or buy links from other PBNs. The former would be a more cost-efficient and lasting option.

How to Prevent Your PBN from Getting into the Eyes of Google?

A Public Blog Network is comprised of several websites which are only known to the owner/manager who is administrating these, and they are never taken to the public forum whatsoever. But, one of the blunders people commit is embracing the prospect of monetizing these blogs. The moment you start selling the links of your Public Blog Network or taking these blogs to third-party sites, it no more remains your own network that you created to obtain backlinks. The entire network becomes exposed, and the chances are Google will take note of this network and dump it right away.

So, as a rule of thumb, never go to rampant PBN sellers as they’ll have common OBL link patterns, which can easily be tracked down by Google.

Final Words of Advice

After going through the entire post, it is a no-brainer to term PBN as a calculated risk SEO technique that can foster a website’s rankings, and at the same time creates online stability. But, just like any other search engine optimization method, it is best to contact the leading SEO outsourcing India to strategically implement the PBN method to reap its many benefits.

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