How You Can Get More Traffic to Your Website In 2019

January 5, 2019
How You Can Get More Traffic to Your Websites In 2019

If you want more traffic on your website, you are on the right page. In 2019, it is getting more and more difficult to get traffic on your website. This is mainly because website traffic is basically people looking for content on the web. The websites that rank higher receive more rankings and the websites that receive more visitors tend to rank higher. It is a cyclic process where the quality of your content matters the most. However, basic website traffic techniques like sharing the content on social media or writing a blog does not work anymore. It will take almost a year for your website to rank on search engines if you simply rely on Google to gauge your capability. However, using advanced SEO techniques can really help to generate free backlinks for your site in getting their faster organic searches. You could be ranking in 3- 6 months. Here are some of the advanced SEO strategies that you can use to rank better on search engines and gain more traffic in 2019.

Take guest posting to the next level

A guest post is simply two things. There are two parties involved. You have the writer who is writing as a guest for another blog and then there is the publisher website that publishes that content. On the website, when the content is shared, the website gets traffic and often times generates revenue for the blog. The guest writer gets a back link. This means that this back link will help the writer rank better on search engines. But that is not all. Sometimes this revenue is also shared with the author.

The main purpose of guest posting is to get a back link. But where are you getting this back link? It is at the author section that the link to your blog is mentioned. But here’s the thing. An average reader only reads one fourth of a blog page before closing it. And the author section is buried down at the bottom of the page. People are only likely to visit your website if they see the links. Here, what you can do is to incorporate these links inside the content. Strategically place 2- 4 external links in the content and make sure that one of those links is a link to one of the blog posts on your website. This way when people are reading through the content, they come across your website.

Create list- based content

Today, visitors demand that you create content that is easy for them to read. This is why people are trying to leverage video content more and more. This is the same reason why info graphics are considered to be one of the best ways to generate back links. Websites want to share info graphics because people want to read them. Likewise, when it comes to text content, people want it to be as precise as possible. This does not mean that 1000 words long guides are out of fashion. It just means that there is some content on your website that needs to be cut off because it does not provide value to the readers. That is what precision is. Likewise, you should start learning how you can create list- based content. Such a content is able to attract attention for you and you are able to gain more traffic.

Update old content

A lot of content on the web will be old posts. This is because you are not constantly updating those posts. Here, you need to remember that a lot of content that you are working with is old. And in SEO, the posts that actually help people in a given time get ranked better. Because of the title and everything, you will be getting some traffic but that traffic won’t further bring more traffic. This is not good for your SEO at all. Constantly update your posts and then you can also share them as brand new posts. Either way, the traffic coming to your website will increase.

Include share triggers in your content

There are different reasons why people share your content. One of them is known as social currency. Social currency is when a person shares something on the web because it makes them look good. If your content is brining credibility to your arguments, people will automatically share your content. Think about it. If people in your country are arguing about the national debt, you can create info graphics in that regard. Share them on the web. See how people are reacting to it.

Create viral content

If someone was to tell you to create viral content, you did laugh. Of course, if there was any one strategy that could create viral content, everyone would do it. It is not as simple as that. However, one thing that we can do is to look up the elements that are common in the content that actually does go viral. It has been proven the most viral content has images. Use them. Most viral content provides utility. Longer posts tend to go more viral in comparison to short posts. Create a push to get your content on viral. This means promote a little. Whether it be email marketing or social media marketing, go ahead and do the marketing.

Post strategically on social media

There are certain hours on the web that work better if you share content on that time on social media. Each social media has its own hours. Research about them. The more you share during those times, the more there is a chance that you will be getting more traffic. You can use social media to another of your use as well. You know you need to leverage video content for 2019. For this, what you are doing is recreating your text content into video content and then posting it on Facebook or YouTube. This way you will be getting shares from social media and then back to your website. It is helpful if you use social media to your use.

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