Piracy has been one of the most challenging issues for the entertainment industry in recent years. The sheer number of users are coming online with each passing and not every one of them has access to major OTT platforms. And creates a market for the pirated content and people take advantage of that. 

Websites like Jiorockers take advantage of people’s desire to watch free content. The truth is that most of the users online don’t want to pay or they don’t have the means to pay on OTT platforms. So, when they want to watch something, they go towards torrents and other things. 

What is JioRockers?

JioRockers is one of the major piracy websites available in India that provides access to the latest movies and TV shows on their platform. Jio Rockers.in is a website that operates illegally and lists the movies and TV shows to download from their platform. It has got some attention in recent years due to the cheap internet in the country. And another factor that contributed to the success of JioRockers is the advent of mobile phones in today’s world. 

They offer high-quality videos on their platform free of cost and users have the option to choose the quality of video they want. They are known for leaking top movies produced by Bollywood, Tamil, and Telugu film industries. They have leaked movies like Donga, Bahubali, Birds of Prey, and more. 

Official Status

Well, according to the government Jio Rockers.com is not a legal website and that is why they banned most of the domain names associated with them. So, officially, you are not allowed to use the website to download or stream movies. But there are ways to get it working without any hassle. 

How to Unblock Jio Rockers on Your Computer?

Well, using Jio Rockers for Telugu or Tamil movies is not a crime for end users. They can use them however they want only if they are able to. So, you can unblock the Jio Rockers movies website through various methods listed here. 

Use of Proxy or Mirror Websites – If jiorockers.in is not working for you, then you need to open it using the proxy or mirror websites. Mirror websites are those websites that host the same content as the original ones. So, if you want to access website A, then go for website B with the same content. 

Yes, many mirror websites of Jiorockers are available online, and here is a list. 

  • Jiorockers.ca
  • Jiorockers.net
  • Jiorockers.pro
  • Jiorockers.cc
  • Jiorockers.new

And more.

All these links will lead you to the similar content providing Jiorockers website. Open them and start downloading the movies and TV shows on your computer. 

Use VPN – Well, sometimes, one of these websites does not work for most people and that is why they want a permanent solution. Jiorockers is a website that is dedicated to the Indian audience, so it is unblocked in other countries. If you are able to use the other countries’ IP addresses, then you will be able to unblock the JioRockers with ease. 

And VPN software will help you do that in India. A VPN allows you to access everything on your computer from the perspective of an IP you select on the software. So, you need to download a VPN software and then turn it on and select a server. 

Once, you’ve done that, all the traffic from your computer will be redirected from the server you’ve selected in the software. So, the service providers won’t know where you are located and you will be able to open the Jiorockers website on the computer.