Tracking a cell phone demands extensive knowledge and coding skills. Modern technology has provided added security to mobile phones which is almost impossible to breach. To monitor anyone’s mobile phone, typically it involves the help of a hacker. 

Parents are worried about their kids and want to know their activities over social media sites. Likewise, people in a relationship also want to track each other’s mobile phones. However, this is not a difficult process unless you have their security lock information.

 Well, you don’t have to worry about complex hacking practices anymore. Hacking is possible without learning any programming methodologies. You can find renowned hacking applications in this article rather than following complex hacking techniques.  

Can I Track a Cell Phone remotely?

You would be glad to know that the answer is Yes! Gone are the days when hacking was limited to professionals. People used to hire spy agents and hackers for keeping an eye on their loved ones to track their activities.

There is no need to worry as we have your back for all kinds of spying issues. Now you can track smartphones remotely without them knowing it. Online hacking applications work best for hacking any device. To learn more, keep reading this article.

Minspy, Track a Mobile Phone Remotely

Minspy had been leading the market of spying application as you can get every bit of information with Minspy. Minspy is renowned as a best hacking application by many media forums including the New York Times, PCMag, Life wire, Toms Guide, and Forbes.


When it comes to digital surveillance without any technical expertise, there is no better solution than Minspy. It has an intuitive interface that is self-explanatory to use. With its user-friendly design, you can use it without reading long user manuals. 

Minspy is the choice of millions of users from all over the world. It ensures data protection so that users can reliably use it without being worried about information theft. Either it is social media monitoring or mobile tracking, Minspy has it all and legal to use. minspy homepage

What makes Minspy the #1 spying application?

Minspy always remains on top which assists its users to track a phone number without them knowing. The usable services of Minspy made it a top spying application. Many applications dodge the users with tricks whereas Minspy is packed with 100% working features.

minspy phone spy app

Minspy is a trustworthy spying application that incorporates top-notch security measures for safe user experience. The 35+ working utilities of Minspy is the basic reason behind its popularity in more than 190 countries. Here is a glimpse of a few of its useful features:

  • Android Keylogger 

Do you want to track all the keystrokes of the target device without them knowing it at all? Well, Minspy is a compact solution to your query. Keylogger is the built-in utility of Minspy which records all key presses made on target device keeping the target user uninformed of this.

minspy keylogger details

  • Social Media Tracking

Minspy offers spying on all social media accounts running on the target device. You don’t have to install many applications for tracking different WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Twitter. Minspy helps you to track their social media accounts even when you are not added in their friendliest.

minspy snapchat spy

  • Check Call Logs and Messages

With Minspy, you can read their conversations and check call history. Minspy keeps a record of SMS and iMessages exchanged by the target device even if they’re being deleted. You can view their most contacted numbers and call duration remotely.

minspy check call history

  • Track GPS Location

Now you can track anyone’s mobile location on Map. Minspy provides coordinates of their current location and you can also shift to real-time monitoring as well. With Geo-fence, you can create a virtual boundary to receive alerts when they enter or leave the specified area.

  • Preview Photos and Videos

Using Minspy, you can preview the picture gallery of the target device remotely. You can check all photos saved to their mobile and play videos. The target user could not get any clue of your spying activities as Minspy is a remote and secret tracking utility.

minspy check photos

  • Check Browser History

You can check the searches made on the internet browser of the target device. Even if the target person clears his search history, Minspy will have a backup record for you. You can check their most visited websites and content on the internet without being noticed at all.

minspy check browser history

  • Stealth Technology

Minspy works secretly on a target device without notifying the users of its presence. It uses stealth technology so that the target user could never find that he is being tracked. The cutting-edge technology of Minspy makes spying an entirely confidential activity. 

  • Check Installed Application

Minspy offers you to preview all the applications installed on the target device without physically touching it. You can remotely check their app list to track the applications they use. You can also open their personal accounts by acquiring login details from a keylogger.

minspy check installed apps

How to use Minspy for Remote Tracking?

Minspy has made spying a child’s play. Now hacking and spying is a cup of tea for people without any knowledge of digital surveillance. Setting up Minspy to track your loved ones is easier than you could ever imagine. Complete these steps to begin tracking anyone in no time.

Step 1: Registration

To track a mobile phone with Minspy, you should sign up first. Create your account from the official webpage of Minspy. Provide a valid email address and set a complex password for while registering your account.

minspy sign up

Step 2: Select Device

After registering with Minspy, you have to select the target device type. Minspy offers iOS and android-based applications for tracking over different operating systems. The installation process is unlike for different devices however the basic working mechanism is the same.minspy select device

If you want to spy over an Android mobile phone, you need its physical access at least once. Install Minspy on the target android device by touching it once to begin the tracking process. Afterward, you can get all the information remotely thus no need to get it again and again.

spy on android with minspy

Minspy offers remote installation for iOS devices. Get the iCloud credentials of the target person and install Minspy remotely. There is no need to touch the device. The entire spying process is remote for iOS devices so that the user is never informed of being monitored.

iphone spy minspy

Step 3: Tracking with Minspy Dashboard

Finish the setup wizard to start the monitoring process. You can track all their activities from your Minspy dashboard. The stealth working mechanism of Minspy will never reveal your identity to the target user. You can read their messages, check call history, and track their real-time location remotely.

minspy dashboard


Minspy is a reliable tracking utility that does not save your personal data. It ensures that the spying process is remote so that you could not be tracked by the target person. You can track their social media accounts and keep them safe from getting into any trouble by tracking them remotely 24*7.