How to save your Yahoo account from the data preaching?

May 2, 2019
yahoo data preach

Almost all of Yahoo’s accounts have been hacked. This is one of the biggest cases of hacks in history so far. Yahoo had earlier said that 1 billion accounts were affected by the hacking. But, the actual number of hacked accounts is 3 billion. This attack took place on Yahoo! accounts in August 2013. Attachers had access to the security quotations, including the phone numbers, birth dates, other personal details of users who had e-mails in Yahoo.

The whole world is troubled by cybercrime. Hackers are using new ways every day to steal user information. So, the security firm Network has uncovered the files through which hackers bark into your personal information.

Yahoo says that hackers have not been able to access passwords and credit card information in this case. Yahoo is sending e-mails to people affected by this hacking. In 2014, Yahoo’s hackers had broken into accounts. After the hacking cases have surfaced, the people who hold their accounts in Yahoo are concerned. He is troubling the issue of sharing his personal details. We are telling you how to deal with this difficulty…

Change your password immediately

If you are a Yahoo user, then immediately change your password. Also, you should also change your security question. If you use Yahoo’s password in any other e-mail or site, then also change it.

Enable the 2-Factor Authentication

Use Password Manager like the Last Pass for better security. Also, enable 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). 2FA connects your account to a device like a phone. With this, a hacker is not easy to access your account. Experts say that by becoming proactive you can keep your data completely safe.

Check all your online accounts

This hacker’s hack is not limited to your Yahoo account only. Experts say that after the Yahoo account has been hacked, their second e-mail account should also be checked and their passwords should be changed. Also, you should not use the Yahoo account password in any other place.

You can now access Yahoo Mail app using your Gmail, Outlook or any other e-mail. On Monday, the company officially announced this new Yahoo feature. The company said that the Yahoo Mail App Team is always looking for new features. The team wants to bring such a feature that gives people the benefit of staying connected with the institute.

To use Yahoo’s new features, you need to create a Yahoo account with your e-mail. Allow your Yahoo account to sync with your mail. After this, you will be able to take advantage of the new Yahoo feature. The new Yahoo Mail app is available on App Store and Google Play Store. You can download this app.

The new Caller ID feature calls a picture of a user (the user’s number is not stored in your phone) and the information it contains shows on your screen. As soon as you get a call from an unknown number, the app shows information about those callers on your screen. Yahoo collects user information from her e-mail and shows on your screen.

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