Twitter is the micro-blogging social networking platform known to help personal brands and business to gain maximum exposure. So, it is very crucial for online brands and businesses to maintain their virtual presence on this micro-blogging social network. Twitter presence is only considered useful when your profile is having healthy count of likes and followers. The brands and businesses having solid batch of followers with huge number of likes usually have more eyes on their services and products with optimal creditability to backup their online content.

Gaining a healthy number of likes and followers for your Twitter account is a long process. You can simplify the process either with reliable company offering Social Media Marketing Services in Gurgaon or by following the below mentioned tips and tricks.

  1. Post More Tweets Regularly to Get More Followers and Likes

Post regularly and post more! This is the effective and result oriented method to gain healthy number of followers and likes. As per the social media experts, users are required to post regularly at least 3-7 posts daily. But based on the social marketing strategy the number of post per day can be increased up to 20 tweets daily.

Every time you launch your new tweet, your tweet is likely to reach more followers. But ensure that every tweet is effective and related to your specific niche. You must create an editorial calendar and ensure to spend 1-2 hours every week brainstorming the content.

  1. Set Schedule and Time for Tweets to Get Higher Exposure

In order to get maximum exposure for all your tweets, ensure to set schedule for the tweets and post it at prefect time. As per the experts in the field, the most effective time to post your tweets on Twitter is late or early afternoon.

Today, you will come across with a variety of free services that can help you schedule your tweets. You can make use of these tools to schedule your tweets well in advance as required and it ensures to post the tweets in the times that matter a lot.

  1. Getting Visual with Tweets

It is estimated that about 65% of the Twitter users are visual learners and this signifies that all your visual tweets would attract more engagements, views, likes and followers as compared to simple text tweets.

There are several online services which you can use to create faster and effective visuals which can go well with your tweets. You can approach the experts in the field like to create the visual tweets for your profile. They have skills and knowledge to make your visual tweet a real success.

  1. Making Twitter Hashtags your Priority

Twitter Hashtags is considered to be the crucial symbol of your tweets which indentifies the phrases or keywords that are written about specific topic. Online businesses use defined hashtags for their tweets to curate all their Twitter contents, while others make use of Hashtags as their marketing tool by making their posts display easily under key phrases or keywords they are targeting. Users of Twitter usually make search of topics using the hashtags of their interest. To find the perfect hashtags for your business you need to research the hashtags, look at the competition and also review the tweets.

  1. Stay Engaged

Twitter followers avoid following the profiles or pages that are dormant without activities. So, it is necessary that you are engaged with your followers as much as possible. Re-tweet their posts; promptly responding to tweets that include your name, like the tweets posted by your followers and sharing content from favourite online sources with your name mentioned on it, these are some of the effective ways to stay engaged.

As you start engaging with followers, they will start sharing your content to their followers across varied platforms. As the content manages to reach farther on Twitter, you are likely to gain more likes and followers.

  1. Optimizing Your Profile

Last on the list is optimizing the social profile which can help you gain potential followers. It is the most efficient way to exhibit your knowledge in certain area, interests, brand voice and services to the world.

Twitter is the popular social media and micro-blogging social network that is fast and fully grown with opportunities. As mentioned, it takes time to gain Twitter likes and followers. Include these tips in your strategy to get the ball rolling in your favour.