How to gain more mileage in marketing and make more money from Google Adwords

November 14, 2018
How to gain more mileage in marketing and make more money from Google Adwords-min

For fueling the growth of your online business, you must embrace a number of key technologies and invest time and money in areas like Google Adwords campaign along with other marketing campaigns built around your website. SEO, PPC, Facebook advertising, social media – the list of options to explore the marketing opportunities online are many but to win the marketing battle convincingly, you can bet on Google Adwords. Interestingly, the platform of Google Adwords allows marketers to use it as a powerful marketing tool for themselves and even earn money by becoming a Google Ads reseller.

The Google advertising system has benefited online marketers for the last 15 years, and more and more people are turning to Google to have a wider reach across the customer base and connect with them easily. Google Adwords makes the connection easier than ever which is the reason for its immense popularity that keeps growing.

Google’s advertisement programs are implemented and managed by third parties or authorized resellers of Google Adwords like newspaper publishers and Yellow Pages publishers. Depending on the experience and abilities of online marketing companies, any marketing company or marketing professional with proficiency in online marketing can become a reseller too. It opens a new channel for earning revenue. With PPC campaigns gaining popularity, the prospects of high earning by reselling Google Ads are very bright.

If you are already promoting your business online, you must be using Google Adwords for your PPC campaign. In that case, you are receiving the services of the advertising platform but when you become a reseller for Google Ads your role changes from a customer to a service provider. As a reseller, you will be offering services to others for publishing advertisements on the internet and in the process start earning money.

Google advertising is going from strength to strength due to Google’s continuous effort to add new functions and features for product improvement. The power of Adwords is so deep and wide that you can do numerous things with it that provides better marketing returns. This can sometimes be confusing and even make you feel overwhelmed with choices as you find it difficult to decide on which features and functions to focus for maximum gains. To make things easy, go through the Adwords features discussed in this article that should provide the right direction to your marketing efforts.

Give emphasis to call only advertising campaigns

When you post an advertisement for any business, the norm is to provide all contact options to viewers so that they can choose any one according to their convenience. However, if you look at the traditional PPC campaigns displayed on Google’s search results page, you will observe that the ads are a bit different in that these are ‘Call Only’ ads. Instead of leaving it on the viewer to decide whether to call the business or visit the website, the advertisements encourage them to call the business. The direct approach drives viewers to the business almost immediately on viewing the ad and increases the chances of generating leads as prospective customers can connect to the business quickly. Call only ad campaigns to provoke viewers to act immediately that enhances the effectiveness of advertising.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

Small businesses especially can make considerable gains from the feature of RLSA in Google advertising.  This Adwords feature provides incredible value because it allows you to target people who are already acquainted with the brand. People who have visited your website received a cookie and are searching Google based on the keywords that you have bid for belongs to this category. Since these people are in the advanced stages of buying and already familiar with the brand, the prospects of conversion are very high.  The returns are higher than the money you spend on ads.

Gmail ads

It is possible to know about user choices and preferences by monitoring their activities on the Gmail platform. Publishing ads that appear within the promotion tabs of Gmail make it convenient to target users by considering their account activity on Gmail. To succeed in this type of advertising, you should take advantage of the feature that allows writing subject lines that can attract a good number of clicks and the more clicks you earn less is the cost of advertising. Banking on emails that have high open rates in your email marketing campaign to publish the ads enhances the prospects of success.

Customer match

A sure way to gain mileage in marketing is to target people who already know you and the ‘Customer match’ feature of Google advertising can surely help you achieve the marketing goals. By using the feature, you can improve conversions with some amount of certainty because you get access to the low hanging fruits. Customer match makes it convenient to reach people on Gmail, YouTube and Search as they can experience different ads depending on which stage of the buying journey they belong to – prospect, frequent buyer or existing customer. Leave the responsibility of matching advertisements according to viewers on Google because all that you must do is just upload the list of email addresses of your prospects and wait.

YouTube ads

Capture the attention of your target audience by publishing True View ads on YouTube while they spend time watching videos on YouTube. The specialty of True View videos is that you pay only when they either click on a banner, an overlay or car or view the video ad for 30 seconds. However, you need not to pay if someone chooses to skip the advertisement.

Custom affinity audiences

The Display network feature of Google Adwords includes the aspect of custom affinity audiences with the help of which you can target a specific pre-determined audience group that has a higher likelihood of buying your product or services. You can target the audience according to the groups to which they belong like sports fans, pet lovers, technophiles and many more.

Google Adwords provides excellent options for taking your business to the people by knowing the places they frequent on the internet, and this definitely gives a cutting edge in competition.

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