It is good to have a large and skilled web development team and marketing team for your website. But, What if your website is not getting traffic?

Here are some tips through which you can gain some crazy traffic to your blog/website

  1. Advertising: You can’t deny the fact that advertising is a must for your campaign and good advertising methods like Paid, Social media advertising and Display advertising can gain huge amount of traffic. Paid strategies are good but with their own advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Create some demanding content and increase the traffic coming to your website in an Organic manner. Social media marketing is necessary where you can promote your content for long time. It increases your Brand awareness or brand recognition. Spend one hour in a day to be socially active and after one month you can see the difference on your own. Your Social Media followers are regularly updated about your activities that mean more of the Inbound traffic.
  3. Try new ideas like keep changing the length and format of your content that attract your users. Infographics are a piece of work that has the maximum impact.
  4. Headlines or Titles are an important factor that cannot be neglected. They are the first thing that attracts users.
  5. Usually everyone ignore the On-page SEO that is basically optimizing the website for Search engines. SEO-friendly URLs, Engagement of images but with Alt tags, Mobile responsive design, Usage of Outbound links, Internal linking, LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords, Posts long content that is necessity.
  6. Internal linking helps your website to rank better in the front of Search engine as well as users. Everyone loves to clink on a word to know better about it instead of go back and search.
  7. Gone the time when Internet surfing has been limited to the Desktop or PC only, almost all of us are now accessing it through Mobile phones. An estimate of Mobile users is 4.93 Billions that would be enough to make you convince about the responsive design of your website.
  8. The perfect time of loading a website is 2 seconds so try to make your site to be load faster. Optimize your website as much as technically possible.
  9. Comments have their own place in Marketing. By leaving a related comment on same niche blogs can result in driving more of the traffic on your website. Join the conversation and let your referrals know about your website. Do not drop spam links on low niche and unrelated websites.
  10. Keep a close eye on your Google Analytics data to check where and when the traffic is coming to your site. These data statistics can help you to rank better. Bounce rate should be low and average session duration high.
  11. Research is the most important and first step to be done. Choose the keywords after proper research of the competition.


Why traffic is necessary for a blog / website?

If no one is reading, why are you creating content and hire a big marketing team? Website traffic lets you know about the progress of your marketing, Improves your Search engine ranking, Generate leads and also increases the Conversion rate.