How to earn money with Facebook?

November 27, 2018
How to earn money with Facebook

Many people come up with the question of how to earn money from Facebook? Is this possible? Many people use Facebook and other social networks just like for entertainment, but it is very important to know that in today’s times this is a big source of money making. There are so many examples of this when people have made money and names through social media websites. Why use your time just to see the photos of your friends and scrolling on Facebook news? Time is money! You should not give up the opportunity to make extra money from Facebook and we will tell you how to earn money from Facebook.

  1. Choose your Niche and make relevant Posts: Facebook does not tell you about friends and the world around, but if you use it wisely, you can earn money from it too. To make money from social media, first select your Niche and fill it with quality content. When you separate personal and business accounts, it will have a great impact on your financial life. Do this in your Facebook accounts and open a separate account to create posts. You can create posts as often as you want on Facebook, add interesting links and photos and make updates. It is possible that you have a question in your mind that how to choose your own niche? Of course, there will be some topic of your choice, take it in the experiment.


However, at this time you do not have to forget about the audience because there should be something which many people are interested in, so keep this in mind. After that, create interesting content. Prepare your writing skills and read posts from other people and learn ways to write better content. Do not crave getting results more quickly, be patient and give it some time.

  1. Use Affiliate Advertising: Generally we have all heard about Affiliate Advertising. But, there is not much information about this. The rule of work is very simple. Affiliate programs give you an unique ID and advertising materials and you will be given a commission amount that will depend on your business. Just get a good affiliate program or a link-type advertising program and make money.


It’s better to start with popular brands like Amazon or Apple’s Itunes. This gives you the opportunity to join affiliate programs and if someone purchases something through clicking on your post, then a percentage of your earnings gives you. You should also join small programs because they give you the opportunity to increase income through different types of business advertising services. Locate a company’s website that you want to market like affiliate and fill out the necessary forms to join it. They are always free and they do not have much time.

Creating a Facebook account for any affiliate program you sign up for, it is necessary to give people the opportunity to follow your pages based on their choice. Promote your programs and take the time to create daily posts. When someone buys something from your affiliates through your posts, you also get a chance to earn money. Then take some time out of your schedule, organize your work properly and you will always have money.

  1. Earn money from your Facebook Fan Page: If you do not have a fan page then it’s just the right time to make it! As mentioned earlier, choose your Niche and make a fan page as you like, for example cooking, travelling, fishing etc. Share good content to engage users on your fan page. If you have made a large number of likes, you can go ahead!

Create a website related to your fan page, and you can do it for free. Add content to your website and post it on your Facebook page to get more visitors. You can make money by adding advertisements to your website but keep in mind it should look good and original. The goal is to get as many visitors as possible!


If you have a big Facebook fan page then you can start posting on it. This is a very easy way to make extra money at the earliest! Create an account at Then add it to your fan page and confirm that you are its owner. And the main task is to ensure the price of each post on your page! Keep realistic thinking and keep in mind that people will not buy more valuable posts, so keep the price cheaper.

The three steps mentioned above have been shared only to give you a direction. Working in this direction can definitely be a better way to form a Facebook page. But remember, this work will be possible only through hard as well as smart work.

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