You are a small or medium business owner and do not know much about video editors, or maybe you wonder if there is a free tool to make videos that you can upload to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin fast and very simple. If so, today is your lucky day.

We must say that every week, we receive requests from many companies that ask us to test their software or their tools and then generate a review on our site.

We can not try them all, of course, so we choose the ones that look more useful for our audience. And even so, not all of them manage to pass the filter of creating content because we want those that we recommend, really be useful.

Video has become a fundamental part of the digital communication strategy, not only for brands but also for leaders who wish to position themselves as experts in their niche, for people who are wondering how to be influencers or even for those who dare to serve clients with videos.

Video today is everything in terms of digital communication.

It is true, there are powerful programs that any expert on the subject would recommend like Adobe Premier, but it has a high cost and to master it requires a lot of knowledge and practice. There are also other programs that are much simpler and more practical, such as WeVideo, but they are costly and require a bit of resource on your machine. So it also has its cons.

We know that what you are looking for is something simpler and nothing burdensome, basically, a free tool to make videos quickly and very easily.

Well, today we bring you one that truly meets expectations.

A free tool to make videos fast, being able to:

Edit video
Edit audio
Record audio
Upload your own images and videos
Use a bank of photo, video and audio images, royalty-free
Choose format and final resolution

Meet FlexClip video maker

Meet FlexClip video maker

FlexClip allows you to generate a video from scratch whether or not you have the knowledge, experience with editors, or a designer.

FlexClip is NOT a software to make ultra complex editions. It is as we tell you: a free tool to create videos quickly and very easily.

How to make a video on FlexClip?

  1. Choose a template

FlexClip has many video templates that are already made, so you just have to choose the one you like to start. Once you have done it, you can simply replace the photos and videos one by one and add your own texts.

How to make a video

You can also start from scratch if you wish (button on the right ‘Start from scratch’).

  1. Choose the format

    In the menu on the left, you can see the icon of a gear. Click on it and choose what format you want for your video.

How to Create Videos Fast and Easy

Square (ideal for Instagram), Vertical (for IGTV, for example) or horizontal (such as YouTube or Linkedin).

3. Start editing

Once this is done, you can start working. You can see a timeline in the lower area; in it, you can manage each of the elements that make up your video and its duration. To start editing, simply start with the first one.

4. Edit the image or video

Right below the play window, you will see that there are 3 buttons. The first one is used to replace the video shown in the window, using another video for it, while the second one is used to replace it with a photo.

When you click on that button, you will notice that it opens a library of videos or images, depending on what you have decided to insert.

There, you have a search bar, and you can search for the video or image you want.

It is important to note that you can also upload your own videos or photos. In the upper right corner, there is a button that says ‘Browse my files’ for you to do it.

Each video of the library is long enough for you to cut the clip you need, using the yellow bar below the video. Once you have chosen the section and its duration, just click on ‘Use Video’.

You will return to the editor to realize that the video that you chose has been inserted.

Do the same with each of the pictures in the video, inserting your own images, sequences, and texts.

  1. Edit the typography

    On the left side, you have different typographical arrangements that not only change in terms of fonts but also the way they are displayed in your video. To use them, just select the text box on your image and then choose one of the models on the left. They will automatically change so you can use the one that best suits your needs.

How to Create Videos Fast and Easy

Next, you just have to double click on the text to edit the text that appears in the video project, putting yours.

6. Edit the audio

To add music you just have to choose the music icon in the menu on the left and then click ‘Add Music’.

This will open a library again, but now with music. Just like when you were looking for images, you can tell them what type of music you want, for example, ‘heroic’ or ‘Christmas’.

How to Create Videos Fast and Easy with a Free Online Tool

You can also record audio from your computer, using the microphone button that says ‘Record’. This is very useful, for example, if you are creating a tutorial, for which we recommend you use a microphone because it greatly increases the quality and the final result.

6. Add or delete slides if necessary

You probably want a shorter video. To eliminate slides, it is enough to click on the X that appears in the upper right corner of each one when you position the cursor over them. If you want to increase slides, just click + at the end of the sequence.

You can add slides with images, videos, or colors. The latter is very useful because, in the end, you can add your logo.

Yes! You can brand your videos, and there is NO software watermark. This truly is wonderful. That’s why we told you that it was the free tool to make videos quickly and easily.

8. Preview your video

On the top banner, you can see a Preview button. If you need to test how your video looks, simply click on the button.

  1. Exports

    Once you agree with the result, simply press the ‘Export Video’ button on the right to the top and then choose the resolution. If you only use it for networks like Instagram or social messaging, the first option is good. If you want to use it in networks that require more quality like YouTube, you can use any of the other two.

    Another wonderful point of the tool is that FlexClip keeps your videos online so you can download or edit them whenever you want.

    And yes, all this without paying a penny. What are you waiting to try it?