If you are looking for new office space in Melbourne it is worth considering a serviced office space rather than a traditional office lease. But first of all, let answer this question:

What is a Serviced Office?
A serviced office is a type of office space that is fully furnished and already set-up with the essential equipment needed for your office space. These types of offices are often rented on shorter terms or month-to-month giving customers more flexibility to change the space depending on their requirements such as the size of their team, length of the project, or location.

Nowadays, businesses not only use serviced offices for project space or overflow, but also as a permanent option for head and satellite offices. Serviced offices compared to conventional office leases offer more flexibility.

Serviced offices are also referred to as managed offices or business centers. Serviced offices can be configured for all types of businesses from small businesses or teams that only require space for 2 employees to spaces suited for larger companies and project teams of 50 or more.

Access to business center facilities is an essential aspect of a serviced office. For example, the use of meeting rooms, break-out spaces, kitchens, and reception services can be included in the business center’s services.

Serviced offices often offer other perks, such as showers and end-of-trip facilities, secure bicycle parking, a gym and yoga classes as well as social and professional networking events. A business center may also offer additional services like on-site IT support, phone answering, and administrative support so you can save time and focus on what matters most.

It is important to be aware that a serviced office is a shared space, and facilities and services on offer are communal. Therefore you will have to book your private meeting rooms in advance and you won’t be able to have your branding on the front of the building, but in return, you will receive many other benefits.

  • Traditional Leases vs. Serviced Offices
  • Long leases
  • No options to expand within the building
  • Time and money spent on fit-out
  • Expenses for furnishings
  • Bills for services
  • Unforeseen maintenance
  • Expenses for outgoings
  • Stand-alone office Short term agreements
  • Options to grow your office space as required
  • The office is move-in ready
  • Furniture is included
  • All services are included
  • All maintenance is included
  • Outgoings are included
  • Be part of a business network
  • How to Choose a Serviced Office in Melbourne?
  • There are many business centers in Melbourne offering serviced offices to businesses and teams of any size, but there are some critical factors you need to keep in mind before choosing one.

    Serviced offices are often located in prime locations such as CBDs and central city fringe locations, easily reached by public transport. Choose the location that is best suited to the needs of your team. Factors include:
    Commute time
    1. Access to public transport
    2. Availability of (on-site) parking
    3. Proximity to shops and restaurants
    4. Available services

Which services are available in your serviced office?
A serviced office includes all services and outgoings and is a great option for you if you want lower costs compared to traditional leases. Flexible lease terms, no building maintenance, access to private meeting rooms and administrative support are amongst the benefits you enjoy in a serviced office space.

How many people will be in the office daily?
Rather than the square meterage, serviced offices are set up to cater to a certain number of people to attend the office daily. Consider how many people will attend the office on most days, and get an office large enough to accommodate your business needs today. If your requirements change and the team grows, you will be able to expand your space with additional desks or office space.

Do you work during regular business hours, or do some of your team members prefer to have an early start or work weekends? A serviced office space usually offers 24/7 access to your office space so you and your team can work whenever it suits you.

Ready to find a Serviced Office?
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