How to build an eCommerce Store like a Pro: Easy Steps

May 6, 2020

Undoubtedly, the growth of the online business is much higher than traditional or brick and mortar businesses. Here you can find the perfect strategy for how to build an eCommerce website from scratch that can make real money. You need good eCommerce tools to build a site along with SSL certificate and payment settings. From my point of view, Shopify is one of the most trusted best eCommerce website builder.

Just to make everything smooth, search for your domain that can grab the user’s attention and then create your Shopify account. eCommerce sites are difficult to manage with lots of product and then their data but Shopify makes this task easier with lots of advanced functionalities. It offers easy to use, depth to detail and ability to scale and pricing.

Then, choose your theme to change the look and feel of your online store website. There are lots of themes available that are free of cost. Also, you may go for a custom Shopify theme to completely match your needs.

easy steps to build ecommerce store


Now comes the most important part for creating an eCommerce store i.e., to create a store that matches your brand and product needs. Product names and their description that sells is not a rocket science, however, they should be something that is easy to understand. Professional product photos are required to show your products in every possible manner.

To create your company page, you need to build a simple yet attractive homepage with some popular products. Show your viewers the most popular products that are good for lead generation. It will immediately increase the sales of your build online store website.

Add About Us and Contact page and keep them simple with required details like address and phone number to reach you out. One thing to remember is to make sure the contact form is attached to an email address that is continuously being monitored. Give them customer support and then set up your payments by configuring settings. My advice is to have a PayPal account because not all the customers are willing to pat through credit cards for some obvious reasons.

Sort your shipping settings by giving a shipping origin to make sure about shipping rates and taxes. You can consider the Ship rocket as your shipping partner to get maximum benefits. Last but not least, set up your SSL certificate and launch the store after previewing it.

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