Business is a tricky thing, and you’ll have to spend a lot of time understanding all its features. You will continue learning something new every day, and this is a constant process of growing. You are that person who develops a business plan and thinks over all the details. Your website is the first step to your company’s success. A website builder is a great and reliable way to ensure that all website functions are performed without much technical knowledge or effort. The most useful programs on the market have been thoroughly tested by the users and are proven with time. Please, find the important information on this topic from reliable sources here. In this article, you will learn how to analyze website builders in detail for marketing and SEO. 

There are basic steps on how to make a new website SEO-friendly 

Careful choice of domain name

A domain name is a ranking factor used by search engines to find out what is being said on a site. Choose a relevant domain name that is easy to remember and contains the main keyword. If it is classified, then it is perfect. An example of a domain we are going to explain: A domain consists of a website name (home) and an extended domain name (.com). There are top-level domains to help you. There are more than a thousand of them in various lists, for example, .com, .org, .net. The assigned number service is a list-making organization. 

However, in addition to the most common domain names, there are other options. It is essentially a web hosting equivalent to an email address. Some people use region codes to determine their geographical location.

Reliable web hosting provider

Site speed is an important ranking factor for CEOs, as determined by Google. Users wait for a download in seconds. That’s why Google immediately gives a person an answer to his request. One of the best steps to choosing website builders is a stable speed. Do not lose potential customers; check this point in advance.

Keyword research

SEO tools involve the use of keywords. To make all of our tips effective, clearly identify the main theses, terms, separation into thematic areas. It would help if you focused on these words. They are keywords. The website builder allows you to calculate the amount of traffic and competition of your site in general.

The new website cannot compete for very popular broad topics. Get specific data and find words with a long tail. For example, “seashell bracelets” work much worse than “shells bracelets from the Mediterranean.”

Site architecture

A simple site should only have a few pages, and for this, you should plan the site’s architecture. Get a detailed structure and be confident of success.

The pyramid structure of the site:

  • the home page is at the top;
  • all other important pages are located in the main menu below the home page;
  • subcategories and individual pages for them are also under the home page.

Priority is given to the most important pages regarding how easy they are to find for users. The deeper users dive into the website structure, the more specific information they will receive. Make this site easier to use with this pyramid structure.

Intuitive navigation

Imagine yourself as a customer. You want to find information faster. The architecture we described earlier will help with this. However, this is only a part of creating an intuitive site. Do on each page what the person potentially expects. The website builders can check all these features.

What does the user intuitively want?

  • a list of all website pages on the main page;
  • availability of categories and subcategories with keywords (brief information of goods people are looking for);
  • interlinking between related pages;
  • a clear call to action with obvious next steps;
  • a search bar on each page for users’ convenience.

Standard URL

This is the primary address of each page of your website on the Internet. The search engine algorithm determines what is being said on a web page and is one of the factors of how people find you. It starts with your domain name. Each page contains additional characters that are important to the page.

For marketing and SEO, a website builder customizes the URL to the main keywords. Your page receives a rating. The categories and subcategories that you invented in the site architecture are part of this structure. Website builders enter this information and keep your pages useful and intuitive to others.


Web design is a good factor for the success of the marketing and SEO strategies of your site. This item is also responsible for the speed of the site. In design, minimize features that slow you down. This applies to animations or large, high-resolution images. Reduce the number of “HTTP” requests on all pages. Minimize JavaScript and CSS elements. Use only the widgets you need to minimize external scenarios. Elements of the script, which seem to twist at first glance, slow down the site and take away the user’s attention. Website builders provide mobile site optimization and quality of its design.

Text optimization

Content marketing is important because it is noticed not only by people but also by search engines. Avoid spamming with keywords, that is definitely not good for an SEO. What’s more, the search engine notices a violation of the rules and may block you from this error. Use keywords in your content only where they make sense. Paying attention to this point guarantees you’ll increase traffic. This builds the credibility of your brand.


Whatever advice you take, pay attention to the accent and follow it. The process of gaining users’ loyalty can take some time. SEO works slowly, so start as early as possible, and it will be good for your website marketing. If you have little time, fix it. For example, you can improve your download speed by looking at Google PageSpeed. Google has over 200 website ranking factors. Using a tactical optimization method improves your current tactics, and you get a better search engine ranking.