Your company may feel unique and inspired to you: however, most people, unfortunately, don’t have the same insight into it.  When they search for a company that offers a similar service or product that your company does, they often happen upon dozens of similar websites that all try to price competitively.  Picking yours amongst all of this can be a headache: which is why most turn to SEO.  If you’re not familiar with search engine optimization, or you’ve heard of it and want to learn more: here are the top things you need to know to make your company dazzle searchers.

Don’t blend into the noise!  Make your business the one people want to click.

Nobody Goes To The Second Page

As great as your company maybe, if you’re on the second page of a search result, almost nobody is going to see it.  The chances of being viewed on the third page plummet even further!  People want fast answers, quick searches, and ways to get what they need without digging.  It doesn’t matter to them if the company is perfect because as long as it’s close enough, they’ll assume that’s all they need.  Local SEO services can help boost your business up higher, which will, in turn, gain more clicks.  Fortunately for those on the first and second page, more clicks mean a higher ranking, which earns them more clicks.  The first page is where you want to be.

Improves Trustworthiness

Websites like Google and Bing work to ensure their search results are not only relevant but also trustworthy.  In 2019 Google put out some information about how they were going to push for more trustworthy and reliable searches to cut back on spamming companies who would work the SEO system.  Because of this, and many other reasons, most people assume that the higher up on a search a company is, the more trustworthy it is.

Creates Brand Recognition

If someone searches these topics often, and your company is near the top of the search results, they’re going to see your brand more often.  Even if their first search doesn’t result in a purchase, they’ll see your brand again and consider it the next time they search.  Eventually, your company’s name will be one of the first ones that come to mind when the topic is brought up.

Gains More Reviews From Sales

Although your goal may be the sales, and you might want to push them as much as possible: the reviews you glean may be just as critical.  Good reviews make your company look trustworthy; they set you aside from scams, giving you the chance to prove yourself to customers.  If you have no reviews or, even worse, many bad ones, you will lose out on customers, and you may even lose out on your ranking.  SEO can help boost your sites, and then your great products or services will work hard to promote your company’s public opinion and services.