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March 11, 2019
facebook business page tips

There are more than 65 Million businesses on the Facebook and 4 million of them are running ads. Fb ads are the best of practices with the required elements like Headline, Image, Copy, Targeting and landing page.

A Facebook page is a public presence that is so much similar to a personal profile and also allow fans to like the Business, Brand, Celebrity or may be Organization. The admin can even raise the brand awareness with the deployment and tracking of advertising with audience insights. Inbound marketing is helpful as well as relatable to your audience with understanding of the customer’s goals. The six different categories from which you can choose is Local business or Place, Company, Organization, Brand or Product, Artist, Entertainment and Cause or community.

Boost content from the FB page to page followers to the world’s largest social network that can do many things like hosting 360-degree videos, Selling products with a chatbot and option to serve the top news to two-thirds of the total population. It has 1.18 billion of daily active users and the average user spends 50 minutes per day with 45% of marketers that think their Fb efforts are effective. Post engagement lets you share your business details with the followers, offering claims would be a better option.

Visually, Headline is important as your potential customers are going to see it as the first thing. Two million blog posts are shared everyday on this Social media platform and to make yours one standout put some extra efforts. Make different headlines to get the most suitable one. On an estimate, 36% more clicks are invited by catchy headlines. Make sure to be clear and precise with them otherwise you are going to lose Hundreds of potential ad clicks. Keep them short with 60-100 characters. High engaged ones contain only 25-40 characters.

Use numbers at the beginning of headline only with a call-to-action button and exclamation marks.

In the entire post, use only powerful words to prepare a masterpiece for every time.

Images are an important factor to gain traffic. Resize your photo to 720px, 960px, 2048px, 851px by 315 px. Make sure that the file is lesser than 100 kb. Remember that posts having Beautiful and Quality images get more engagement. Crop images wherever required with SEO optimized. Try to get the High Definition ones. The image should comprise bright colors with an attractive caption.

A landing page is requiring increasing the likelihood of converting the traffic into leads. The page should contain Limited navigation, Quick scan details, Image supporting the topic, Links, and Bullet points for better understanding. Don’t distract your users with too many options, they are already landed on a page according to your need.

LPO stands for Landing Page Optimization that is the process of improving the factors on website to increase its conversions. Keep your audience focused and tracked. Do not forget to add a strong Click to Action button to attract more likes and comments. Add different kinds of media but make sure they won’t make your users stay away or increase the loading time. Facebook video ads are also a good option.

Tips for Successful Facebook ads:

  1. Make your goal firstly to create the brand or make users aware about the services. While posting, Facebook offers everyone the same space so use it wisely. Images and About us section space must be used properly.
  2. Build community that is already interested in your offerings. Know about who can be targeted. Cover image should express your business needs. Create a creative and unique Profile image.
  3. Show your expertise and educate your users. Add descriptions to all of the Cover photos with links in the caption and profile images. Write about the image and also add your Business website and Phone number.
  4. Increase your reach and generate traffic to your website with some new partnerships. Be in touch with the customers through commenting and direct messages.
  5. Increase sales or conversions with the Search Engine Optimized pages.
  6. Oops! Remove all the dead pages; they are just occupying the space.
  7. Running ads or contest to increase likes and engagement is a good idea tho. Use Facebook insights to get a picture of when your fans are online and how they are reacting on each page type.

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