Faxes are an old tradition but not so old to be worn out. However, with some amendments, fax has become more notable and famous than some of the most recent traditions. So it would be quite wrong to call it old now.

Fax is one of the most popular means of official communications. Towards the end of the 20th century, when the world was not revealed to have advanced communication means like emails, fax was the only means that people had for communicating officially. And the security it offered was above all others.

But people refrained from using fax due to the impractical and improper restrictions it imposed, like that of some absurd requirements. And during these times, when everything has advanced to a much greater level, these impractical necessities like fax machines, paper and toner etc. are nothing but trouble now. People don’t want to invest either money or any time on using bothersome fax machines.

Online Faxing – An Easier and Compact Approach To Faxing

A much more compact and practical solution was needed which would serve with the purpose of faxing and provide convenience as well. So, for this purpose, online faxing was introduced. In this read, you will not only get to know about online faxing but also get a complete guide on how to use it.

Faxing is generally done through the use of telephone lines which in turn incorporate analog signals. While on the other hand, the internet is a digitally powered platform and hence cannot be directly used to fax documents as it cannot comprehend analog signals. So this incompatibility becomes a hurdle in online faxing.

CocoFax – Online Faxing Easier Than Ever Before

CocoFax is the one leading the pack. Yes, it is the best of all other fax services available in the faxing industry. With CocoFax, you can send free fax through the internet. 

CocoFax is not like others. It is not an ordinary fax service. It has viewed all the aspects of faxing and then incorporated them into its unique features.

best online fax solution

With the worldwide fame that CocoFax receives, there can be no doubt about it being the best. CocoFax has the largest client base than any other fax service in the market. It has received appraisal from some of the biggest media outlets in the world such as the New York Times and Forbes.

CocoFax’s has some unique features that no other fax service possesses. CocoFax allows you to fax from a variety of devices. You can fax even from your smartphone as well. And not just this, CocoFax has more than one way to make online faxing possible for you people. These features make CocoFax one of its kind.

CocoFax also takes care of the problems associated with faxing. You can read this handy article to know more about it. Like in the old times, getting a fax number was a hassle. You needed to contact your phone operator for the purpose of getting a fax number and then wait days before getting one. 

But CocoFax does not let that happen. It gives you a fax number without difficulty of any sort. You don’t even have to go anywhere, CocoFax emails your fax number to you.

As we said earlier, there are multiple ways through which CocoFax allows online faxing. And the most easy amongst them is through its web dashboard. We will describe the process here.

How Online Faxing is done through CocoFax’s Online Dashboard?

CocoFax has a wonderful feature of a dashboard that works through the web. It opens with an internet browser of your choice. Here we have described the simple steps to use it.

Step 1: The very first thing that every online fax service asks you to do is to sign-up. For CocoFax too, you first need to register yourself before you can start using its unique services. For signing-up, you can avail the 30 day free trial so that you get to check its services before you actually invest in them.

your account infomation

Step 2: Here, you will also be allowed to pick your own fax number tat is totally free of any cost. you can select the most suitable one for you amongst thousands of them. And no, picking your own fax number will not cost you, not even a cent.

choose your fax number

Step 3: When all the sign-up process is done, you will be directed all the way to your personal dashboard. This is where you will be sending and receiving your faxes online. Click on the ‘New Fax’ button that is on the top corner of the site.

send fax online with cocofax

In the new popped up window, you will write the fax address of the person receiving the fax in the ‘To’ field. If you want to write a top note on your fax file, write it in the ‘Subject’ field. Similarly, the cover page will have the content that you want to have at the first page of your fax file when it reaches its destination.

Attach the fax file and press the send button. CocoFax will notify you about the successful delivery of your fax. Even if your fax was not able to reach its destination, CocoFax will notify you in that case too.

Receiving Faxes

Receiving faxes is not a hassle now as it was before. CocoFax has made every aspect of faxing easy and convenient. You do not have to be logged in all the time for the fear of losing faxes.

Even if you are not logged in, all your faxes are received by CocoFax which then saves them on to your dashboard. Whenever you log in, you will see all your faxes there. This way, none of your fax is lost.

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As you can see, CocoFax is the only fax service that has made the task of online faxing much convenient. Even a person with no technical understanding can fax with the help of CocoFax. If you too were looking for such a faxing solution, then cheer up and start faxing right away.