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350+ High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List

By Yogesh Gaur on November 3, 2018

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is an excellent way for individuals to Store, Organize, Search and manage the “Bookmarks” of web pages. Being a user, you can save the links to web pages that you want to share. Do you know that Social bookmarking is one of the top three Link Building strategies that are responsible for improving your Website’s ranking.  This is the strategy used to build references for your website on the web that makes it available to the users and giving better Search Engine Results Page ranking. The idea of bookmarking comes with the thought of history in April, 1996 itlist.com.

How to do Social Bookmarking?

Every SEO expert is practicing Social bookmarking. Every website is not same, go through the section of Rules and Regulations as most of the High PR Social Bookmarking list 2018 does not allows Spamming. You can use this list of High DA Social Bookmarking sites and then register with your Email address. Do complete your profile by filling all your details. Don’t forget to include your keywords in the Description box and including link to the website. Just for an example, we are taking Stumbleupon.com where you just need to create an account or login with the Facebook account. Click on the drop down menu present with the username at right corner on the top. Choose Add a page and fill the appropriate information about your webpage like Web address, Category and Tags etc.

If you are launching a new website/ blog then this Dofollow Bookmarking sites list will surely benefit you as it gives faster indexing of the website. Good content on good social bookmarking sites has the ability to go viral that further means more traffic, shares and a lot of links from ones who pick up your content to bookmark. Keywords can determine your niche, no matter how focused they are but should be of high traffic with the quality link sources. The entire benefit is depending on the sites you choose like high quality Social bookmarking sites list can surely help you in getting traffic whereas poor sites may harm your link.

Benefits of Social bookmarking

  • Links will be indexed faster by Search engines
  • It improves the Online visibility or presence
  • Helps in Content creation and outreach to reach targeted audience
  • Lead generation, Strong social signals
  • Create Innovative title and description
  • Add targeted keywords in its optimal place
  • To be listed on a Social Bookmarking site, you’ll be benefitting from a large number of visitors
  • Most of them are “DoFollow” means they are allowing the Link juice to be passed in the website
  • Increase your traffic by adding Social bookmarking buttons to the website
S.NO Social Bookmarking Sites List
1 twitter.com
2 facebook.com
3 google.com
4 pinterest.com
5 tumblr.com
6 reddit.com
7 digg.com
8 stumbleupon.com
9 technorati.com
10 delicious.com
11 slashdot.org
12 newsvine.com
13 squidoo.com
14 scoop.it
15 diigo.com
16 friendfeed.com
17 plurk.com
18 blinklist.com
19 mixx.com
20 dzone.com
21 citeulike.org
22 folkd.com
23 fark.com
24 pearltrees.com
25 current.com
26 blogmarks.net
27 bibsonomy.org
28 bizsugar.com
29 43things.com
30 designfloat.com
31 killerstartups.com
32 soup.io
33 wikio.com
34 dotnetkicks.com
35 newsle.com
36 youmob.com
37 lintas.me
38 faves.com
39 icio.de
40 url.org
41 kirtsy.com
42 twicsy.com
43 stylehive.com
44 ttlink.com
45 newsmeback.com
46 fwisp.com
47 givealink.org
48 cloudytags.com
49 wikitechguru.com
50 dropjack.com
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