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Monty Sharma
June 28, 2019
instagram with wordpress

The prime focus of a web designer or a website owner, who cares for SEO seriously, and want to implement the basics of SEO right from the root level in the website, would bea combination of WordPress with Instagram. WordPress is till date the leading in CMS for being the best in focusing on SEO from scratch. And then again there are hundreds of other reasons why WordPress rocks and is the favorite of bloggers and web designers. Instagram is also the new trend and becoming the hot favorite for to the point media file marketing and hitting straight on the cause. The combination of the two creates a deadly SEO centric site for your business, organization, gallery or cause, which can help you brilliantly in digital marketing, social media marketing, and proper SEO right from the beginning, and throughout.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the best in content management software for all the right reasons. It can be learned in hours by a layman. It is used to create stunning professional looking websites. A coder can tweak the existing themes in brilliant ways to make advanced designs and functions. And WordPress supports so many plugins and widgets of various types for various purposes that you can get endless functionalities in this CMS. Just name a feature and itsavailable there in the CMS through the help of one or the other plugin. Hence you are always rich in resources while designing your website in WordPress.

The magic of Plugins

Plugins are the lifeline of WordPress. It’s the plugins which make WordPress the wealthiest CMS and the most preferred in the world.With the help of plugins, SEO can be integrated into various levels in a WordPress site. BesidesSEO, many other checking functionalities, add-ons, social media integration, and the addition of other extra functions are possible.The plugins mainly make WordPress a better place to be in for website designing and cultivating numerous additional functionalities in the site. Things which are done in WordPress using plugins and widgets are done in non-WordPress sites through the writing of codes, and that’s not easy for the layman. It’s the plugins only which makes integration of social media and Instagram like windows possible on the website.

Easy social media integration

During website making, the inclusion of social media marketing becomes very much relevant in it. Why would you integrate social media? Only it’s done to increase visibility to the highest and reach visitors as much as possible. Social media brings many people under one banner, andhence the more you target social media for your website’s promotion, the better you reach to the mass at once. That is why the integration of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. are so significant in effective SEO and social media marketing.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is a new rage these days in social media, again for lots of good reasons. Instagram is indeed as the name goes insta fast in spreading the message via pictures and video clips. Photographs and images speak the most in telling any fact or story, and aids highly in marketing, branding, creating viral posts and anything. That is why the role of Instagram is so prime these days in creating pictorial stories where you can insert important notes and comments, share those, and also get comments on them,and even start chats on this with users.

The joy of photo sharing with hashtags

Hashtags help in tagging a photo with a domain. And they help in linking a photo or image with multiple domains or causes. With hashtagging, a picture can be made accessible to users who are all interested in surfing things related to that topic or genre. And that’s why, just likein twitter, the tag concept is an excellent hit in Instagram too. When youpost an image, and you place the right tags with it, you associate that image with the relevant niche. And this makes thepicture all the more important to relate your site and the cause to that niche.

The joy of sharing pictures on Instagram hence increases exponentially with the addition of hashtags. And you can make the posting a big success when you connect to so many niches and their sub-niche through this tagging. Enrolling in services like Gramblast can further increase your exposure in Instagram and make more followers of yours.

Linking Instagram with other social media accounts

Instagram is designed such that you can link your other social media accounts with it, and anything that you share and post on Instagram can be posted on other related accounts of users in a simple one click. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedInand such accounts are all possible to connect to Instagram. And parallel sharing is possible instantly without wasting time and effort. That is one more reason Instagram is so very preferred these days.

The duo of WordPress and Instagram

The pair of WordPress and Instagram harmonizes well to form a great platform which can help you play with your media content in a much effective way, and grab most of the attention of the search engines and your fan following or followers on several social media sites. Instagram posts when seen directly on your website can help many visitors follow them and get to your Instagram account. And there they may connect to your events and brand easily. Through Instagram, many visitors can become your email subscribers, and many may become Facebook followers too. This helps in weaving an excellent network, where you showcase your events, infrastructure, products, latest work, etc. in the Instagram account, and keep this updated in the website too through the Instagram integrated WordPress theme.

Finally- AWordPress theme with Instagram

The basicrequirement for the SEO enthusiast who has an Instagram account, or plans to open one, is to get a theme in WordPress which includes the showing of the Instagram picture on the main website page. The landing page of the site must have an excellent showcase of the Instagram latest pictures, which again should keep updating as and when you post more on Instagram. This can always keep your visitors updated on how you are active and posted onsocial media. And to cater to this need, there are some excellent themes which combine the two, and one must take a tour to select the best and use it.

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