Googling your symptoms? Stop it right now. Here’s why

September 13, 2018
Stop googling health symptoms

Are you also one of them who used to google their symptoms and starts the treatment without consulting a technician? If yes, then this post is especially for you. Doctors really want you to stop searching for symptoms on Google and here’s why.

  1. The reality is that there are really many disadvantages of starting your treatment on own. As we all know Google does not verify the content authenticity so anyone can publish anything on it and you just believe it. Sorry to say but probably you’ll be in a big trouble by doing so. Yes, Google is a trusted information source but they are or likely to be inaccurate ones in terms of health issues. How could you search for a symptom and start treating it without any trusted source?
  2. Though Wikipedia is the sixth most popular website for medical information it does not provide the same information every time. Yes, you read it right Wikipedia has an option of editing that can be done by anyone. It even does not require any authentic name or something. Wikipedia has some policies and guidelines that has its own place in improving the publication but hardly anyone adheres to them. Literally, nine out of ten publications are not relevant ones.
  3. Being a Search engine, Google only provides information and trusting it in case of health is totally upon you only. Ones who already are afraid of health symptoms can get in big trouble if they trust it so many times. Cyberchondria is a condition involving misinterpreting the normal body phenomenon in the response of searching the web more than the requirement for the health-related matter. Different blogs can seriously make you sick by giving different information at the same time about the same topic. It’s better to educate yourself regarding your own health instead of Googling your symptoms.

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