Get The Best SMS Marketing Tips For Startups

August 30, 2018

Currently, the use of mobile marketing is increasing day by day. Every sector of business uses this marketing tool because of its fastest reach and affordability. Transactional bulk SMS services is personalizing the messages for customers as per their need or to inform them about the brand’s products and services and also about their offers and deals. This is considered as one of the most reliable forms of the marketing tools as this reaches to its customers where they are always available. SMS marketing ensures establishing brand loyalty, motivating your customers to buy your products and services and also helps in customer retention.

SMS marketing is that one marketing tool that many startups try to avoid. Reason being? Breaking the rules associated with it. But SMS marketing has almost 90% of open rate. So if you are the one amongst the people who try to avoid SMS marketing, then you are definitely missing out on something big. The only major role you need to obey is to avoid spamming activity. Which means, avoid sending messages to people who have not opted in to hear from you. Just because you have someone’s mobile number doesn’t mean that you are allowed to send them SMS. So, you might be thinking. how to actually get started with this transactional bulk SMS service? Read more to find out.

Always remember the 160 character rule

When you are using SMS as your marketing tool, you must remember that you have a limit of 160 characters. You do not need to write useless information in your SMS. you just have to design your SMS in such a way that you convey the message you want to share and at the same time not confuse your customers.

Let time determine your success

With SMS marketing, timing is everything! You must remember to reach out to your customers at the time when they need you. You must always keep a check to send messages to your customers when you know they’ll be available to read that. For eg, if you are a restaurant owner, you must reach out to your customers at the time when they might be thinking what to eat, which can be during lunchtime or at the time of supper. This way you can motivate your customers to act.

Always add CTA

If you want your customers to take an action. All you need to do is add a call-to-action in your SMS. for eg, you can add “visit now” or “buy now” in your SMS which can motivate your customers to act.

Deliver coupons via SMS

Delivering coupons to your customers through SMS marketing is considered one of the most valuable forms of marketing. Sending coupons to your customers via SMS marketing ensures that your customers will have brand loyalty. It also motivates a customer to take an action. To revisit your store or retry your services.

Using SMS marketing is one of the most popular choices of the business owners as this a very affordable, time-saving and reliable option. In this age of technology, where everyone has a mobile phone, it is easy to reach out to them right on time. Just search for a bulk SMS reseller and you will get your transactional bulk SMS service to use for your business.

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