Future PPC Trends You Should Look Forward to

December 10, 2019
Brand Affinity

It should not be that surprising that things are changing in pretty much every part of the digital marketing world. The same thing applies to pay-per-click. Getting started with that is quite easy. You could get a coupon from Cleverads for your Google Ads campaign, and see your project reaching new heights.

Of course, that does not mean that you can easily overtake the competition. No, in order to really make a difference, start by knowing what awaits you in the future if you decide to stick with PPC. Here are some of the trends you need to keep your eyes on.

Not As Much Control: Automation and Machine Learning

Future PPC Trends You Should Look Forward to

Most PPC marketers tend to agree that automation is going to play a very significant role in the industry. Those who are just starting out will have to work extra hard, trying to figure out the ways to make the most out of available tools.

This trend is not something exclusive to PPC. After all, AIand machines tend to learn everything much faster than humans, and since PPC campaigns rely so much on tweaks and keyword research, people who have been doing it themselves will have to focus on other matters.

Some individuals will look to put up a fight against AI and machines because they do not believe that those are reliable. But they should focus on all the positives rather than negatives and learn to accept this change whether they like it or not.

Marketing Channels Are Coming Together

Marketing Channels Are Coming Together

PPCmarketing should not be exclusive to just a single platform. The lines are becoming more blurred and it is much better to look for customers across as many different channels as you can.

Social media, e-commerce, search engines – every single channel is working together these days, and if you do not expand your operation, you are going to miss out on a lot of customers. And this sort of trend is going to grow more in the upcoming years, so you should get on it as fast as you can.

Smarter Targeting

Customers online may be impulsive buyers, but their overall intelligence continues to increase, making it much harder to fool them by using clickbait titles and other tricks. You need to emphasize speaking to the audience the right way, and at the right time.

Making such an adjustment can be extremely difficult and will likely cause you to move out of your comfort zone, but you should still look to get rid of those terrible habits because if you do not, other marketers will have a significant edge over you.


GDPR and other legislation have made it quite difficult to keep track of certain information about your customers. Data collecting is a shady thing, to begin with, but now that you have law as significant as this, you cannot help but be cautious.

Marketers will have to look for new ways of overcoming this problem, and it might take a while before a really optimal alternative is available, but for now one has to ensure that there are no problems regarding the law.



As already mentioned, automation is becoming more prominent, so this leaves the question of figuring out what PPC marketers need to focus on next.

The answer is quite clear. Since tedious tasks are eliminated, you can put your resources into thinking strategically. And those who are capable of that will surely have more opportunities in the upcoming years.

The key is going to revolve around creating a great strategy for the client, understanding what the audience really needs and how various problems should be solved.

Alternative Platforms

It is highly likely that some platforms are going to have an even bigger impact, so be sure to not miss out on what could potentially bring you a lot of money.

According to some experts, the ones to look out for are Reddit, Quora, Pinterest, Amazon. If you have not dipped your feet in those yet, you should not hesitate and get started immediately.

Brand Affinity

Brand Affinity

While most focus on brand awareness, it would appear that more and more marketers are looking to move beyond that and emphasize brand affinity. In other words, they want to see how people respond to the brand rather than just putting it out there for everyone to see.

So there you have it. Some of the things that you will see in your future PPC endeavors. The sooner you start to apply these tips yourself, the easier time you will have. And if there are those who are missing out on these, well, it is clear that you are going to be the one with an advantage when things start to change for real.

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