Guest Blogging (Guest Posting) is the practice of contributing a post to any other person’s blog to gain Exposure, Authority and Links. Backlinks are a crucial part of Search Engine Optimization; website will be considered as relevant only if it has lot of inbound links as well as outbound ones. Good backlinks can make your website whereas Bad links can break it. Go for High authority backlinks and submitting a guest post is a good way of getting the same with Dofollow links to rank faster. You just need to write a blog that meets with the requirements of a particular blogger and get high authority backlink in return. Three main goals of Guest Posting sites List is getting exposure to your website, building backlinks to website and mark your website as a well authoritative one.

Guest Blogging Sites allows to target potential targeted customers and more audience as per your interest and niche. Powerful backlinks can significantly improve the Google rankings. Go for free Guest Posting Sites List if you are looking for targeted traffic and powerful backlinks. But, never go for low-quality guest posting. Though, you can get free high-quality guest posting sites list for timeless link building strategy.

Choose a good guest posting site, if you think the blog has engaged their readership with their comments and shares. The content you are about to start writing must be related to your site and so does the submission site. Also, you must know before the selection process about the level of the audience they are writing for their type.

Why You Should Do More Guest Posting?

There are so many Guest posting benefits and I am going to tell all of them to you.  One of the biggest advantage is you get lots of quality traffic from them and build domain and Search Engine authority. When you get quality links, the authority will surely increase and hence your visibility.

You can build authoritative backlinks to your website with these free guest post submission sites that are of high-quality. The sites that have much better authority and credibility than yours are going to help you with more users as well as visibility. For sure, your exposure and brand awareness is going to be better with these submission sites.

The free high-authority guest submission sites I am going to share can help in building exposure to the targeted traffic and expansion of personal networks. It’s s crucial step for online link building off-page strategy.

How to Prepare for Pitching a Guest Post?

Before approaching the blogger, make sure you know about their guest post submission terms. Do your complete research and see if they accept Guest Posts, you can look for previously published ones. Read as much as you can before approaching them for the content submission just to know about the quality and pattern they are looking for. You must know what type of content do they want and which one would rank well.

Analyze their writing style, Here I am talking about the formatting look to writing style. Don’t just go empty-handed to them.

Once you know about what they’d like to have and what their readers are already reading so move on to the writing part with writing an awesome piece of content to increase your chances of getting paid. A good headline is the most important requirement here. Write your blog post is a simple yet informative manner.

After completing your post, send off your email and let them know that you are done with the writing part. There is software i.e., Yesware that you can plug in to know if someone opened your email. If your post is accepted, follow up with the blogger to check when are they going to publish your post.

Tips to write a Guest post:-

  1. Make sure the content you are submitting is unique and not published anywhere else in any manner.
  2. To customize your content with required Images, Bullets, and Heading tags (H1 to H6).
  3. You are submitting your content to get authority, so write it in the best possible manner. It’s your portfolio that you are going to show.
  4. The content should be relevant to the blogger’s site.
  5. It must be informative and not promotional.
  6. Blogging is the most acceptable type of Content Marketing; always have CTA even if you want to drive engagement.
  7. Respect your users time and make brief emails with preciseness, the purpose is only to convey them for your message. Email marketing can get you a fortune; if done properly. Strong subject line is required to get more clicks.

You need to choose your site according to the niche to serve the potential audience only.

Benefits of Guest Posting:

  1. Content always has great importance in front of Users as well as Search engines and the Guest post can do the same for you. As a guest blogger, you’ll be establishing yourself as a quality writer.
  2. No one is perfect in writing great stuff from scratch and to be a Great Writer it is important to practice and writing about topics related to your interest will surely help you.
  3. Guest posting will be providing you instant targeted traffic that is required for every business or blog. You need to optimize the website’s landing page, CTAs as well as the loading time of the page.
  4. To get more traffic, stimulating your Social media shares is important; more shares mean more visibility and authority. Organic traffic is always good.
  5. It allows you to establish your authority in a niche and generating qualified leads.
  6. It makes you more visible as a Guest Blogger and discover more business opportunities and a wider audience reach.
  7. Bring some new potential email subscribers list, anyone who visits your site, and helps you in generating money worth.
  8. Earn links that point back at your website, after all, Search engines run on Backlinks.
  9. List of High Authority Paid Guest Posting sites Business

Top High PR Guest Posting sites List:-

S.NO. Blog Name DA Contact Category
1 Blogoguide 34 Submit Technology and Online Marketing
2 Tech Gadgets 97 Submit Technology
3 96 Entertainment, finance, business, sports
4 Mashable 94 Submit Social media, technology, business, entertainment
5 Business Insider 93 Contribute News, business, sports, etc
6 Tech Crunch 93 Submit Technology, finance
7 Politico Magazine 93 Submit Politics
8 eLearn Magazine 92 Submit Education, reviews
9 Search Engine Rider 28 Submit SEO, SMO, PPC, marketing, blogging
10 Fast Company 91 Submit Business, finance, technology
11 Entrepreneur 90 Contribute Marketing, social media, business, finance, news
12 Search Engine Land 90 Submit SEO, marketing
13 Inc Magazine 90 Submit Finance
14 Hubspot 89 Submit Marketing
15 Get SEO Info 46 Submit SEO, digital marketing
16 Smashing Magazine 89 Submit Web design
17 A List Apart 88 Submit Web design, content
18 Psychology Today 88 Submit Psychology, self improvement
19 Copyblogger 87 Submit Blogging, marketing
20 Read Write 86 Submit Technology
21 Creative Bloq 85 Submit Blogging, web design
22 Health Line 85 Submit Fitness, health
23 Investopedia 85 Submit Finance
24 Social Media Examiner 84 Submit Social media
25 Content Marketing Institute 84 Submit Content marketing
26 Site Point 83 Submit Web design, technology
27 Kissmetrics 82 Submit Web Analytics, case studies, landing page optimization
28 GetResponse 82 Submit Marketing, productivity, platform, automation
29 The Kitchen 82 Submit Food
30 Small Business Trends 82 Submit Business