Australia Classified sites are the ones that allow you to post your free ads for business in Australia under some major categories like Jobs, Rentals, Fashion, Tickets, Travel, Matrimonial, Real estate, Vehicles etc. to let you buy and sell products online anywhere in the world. By using this Australia classified sites list, you can get more response from the audience as they have high authority on the Internet. They are user-friendly, quick, and the easiest method to post the classified ads with no long term commitment about placing ads.

A classified has 3 parts i.e., Headline, Details, and Contact Details. Use keywords in your headline smartly to get even more clicks on the ad. The details section must include details of the product or services and Contact details should be ended up with ‘Contact now’ or ‘Buy Now’ button.

Benefits of Classified sites in SEO:

  1. Classified sites can promote your business or event to make a connection in the Brand, Awareness, and Sales with various facilities for the user. Also, they are not limited to a Specific age, Group, and Location.
  2. Make sure you are not posting any kind of malicious content and you are all set to post ads without any limitations.
  3. They are one of the best options to promote your business globally and even some of them provide do-follow backlinks.
  4. Global Classified sites are committed to develop a loyal community factor that is crucial for long-term business success. Improves your customer service with a great feedback source to increase your customer’s trust.
  5. To promote your business you need to interact with your Social networks and customers to increase the digital exposure and boosting your traffic to the brand.

What to keep in mind while submitting a Classified ad?

  1. Your landing page as well as a Classified ad must have good and quality content that provides a lower Bounce rate that is good for your website. It should be catchy as well as informative.
  2. The most important part is the ‘Title’ of a Classified ad that must be descriptive and eye-catchy. No need to use all Caps for the posting.
  3. Don’t forget to add an image that is describing your business.
  4. Describe your product or service with a short yet effective message for a potential customer.
  5. Make them presentable and free of clutter enough to sell and be clearly visible to the buyer.
  6. Rather than posting your ads regularly, do it occasionally.

Free Classified Site – Bedpage

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