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December 10, 2018
Better Web Design

It is always the content that should be considered first to create a better website that will attract and engage more visitors. Therefore, whether you are designing a brand new app or website from scratch or working on a new feature to create a better landing page, content is the first thing you should start with. There are many benefits when you follow this approach and ultimately you will end up creating the best website or products.

To start with you must first know what it actually means by content. Most people think it is the written copy that is referred to by this term but actually it also includes several other things such as:

  • Call to actions
  • Pictures and graphs
  • Downloads,
  • Videos,
  • Audio clip and so on.

However, the primary focus is on the written work because most of the technology is consumed through reading.

Story designers or writers or storytellers in general are used in movies and video games. Their primary job is to determine that story that is to be told through the movie or a video game and almost the entire part of their job is performed at the infancy stage of these projects. This ensures a worthwhile experience for the users. It is the same principle that is applied to app and web designs. When you know what you are going to share with the end-users, it will help you as well as the entire team to think better through the entire thing that you want to build.

The content first approach

In design if you follow the content-first approach it will help you to figure out a few things such as:

  • The bare minimum that is required for any page to be successful
  • A consensus on the contents before drawing up
  • The wireframes or pixels that will make the work easier
  • The content involved
  • Whether or not the contents are right for the project

It will also help you to consider the two most significant scenarios in content first approach which ideally involves writing a new one yourself or editing a work that someone else has produced for you.

When there is no content or copy provided it is the cue and occasion to start writing. This is much similar to UI or UX design and means two things. One, ask a series of questions like:

  • What is the pain point the customers face
  • What are the outcomes the users are looking for and
  • Why would any visitor end up on your landing page?

You must speak with your target audience to get the answers but make sure that you ask these questions before crafting the content.This will help you to know what you have to design in words or pixels and plan accordingly.

The second meaning if it is that you will get feedbacks on what you create and come up with. For this you will have to go through a number of revisions and then ensure that your client or team sign off on this content before moving on.

In the second scenario when content is provided to you by your INDIGITteam or client it may sound great as your job of creation is reduced but you have to first ensure that the content is of good quality. Again ask those questionsas you would have asked if you had to write it yourself.

  • Then review the content provided and also know why this project or client is so special.
  • Find out the missing pieces in the content and find whether everything included in it makes any sense and have relevance with the topic of discussion.
  • Find out whether there is a lot of contents put together that needs to be divided into different pages maybe.
  • Lastly, look at the tone of voice to find out whether it is right for the particular product for effective branding.

All these careful considerations will make sure that the content fits well with the overall story of the project.

The design structure

All great content will have a great story and therefore it should start with it. As a designer you will need to consider the overall user experience and make the content a part of the design eventually. For this you will first have to know about:

  • The relevance of the story with the project or client
  • The problems the users or visitors may be facing and
  • The ideal outcome of the customer.

The answers of these questions will enable you to have a good idea of what you are going to tell before you start writing or rewriting. You may use Google Docs for your benefit if you have to share or make comments easily.

Structure your content well just the way you will want it to be on the website following this guideline:

  • Make sure each page has its own purpose
  • Ensure that within each of these pages there are different sections
  • See that each of these sections once again has its significant purpose
  • Write out what you want to put in these sections right from the headline to the last link
  • Consider the overall narrative to make sure that all these sections fit in appropriately within the content and
  • Lastly, make sure you use your own words if you are doing the writing.

All these will ensure that your approach as well as the end product is created in the best possible way. However, before you handover the content, make sure that proofread your content and get feedback and edit accordingly to make sure that you as well as everyone is contented with your content.

If you are proactive you will more comfortable with the content first approach. You will be able to make everything correct before the visual design starts.

To sum up, you can even engage a copywriter right at the very beginning of the project. It is that simple and will keep it simple as well. Finally, never leave it till later in the project as that will weaken the final outcome.

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