Fifa 19 Soccer Video Game – Tech Review

March 2, 2019

There is not even a single person who does not know about FIFA games, until and unless you live under a world far away from the Internet rock. Having sold more than million copies by 2016, it is one of the most famous and dominating game in the gaming world. As we all know that FIFA has been most famous for two things, the one is the presentation of fun, and the other is joining a handful of gameplay. FIFA 19 is a well-designed, remarkable on the field action game with beautiful animations.

Gamers will again join Alex Hunter in his journey for football glory.

An addition in the long running soccer franchise, it is designed for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

What’s new?

You will see a new cover star, that is Cristiano Ronaldo, second year in a row on Fifa 19’s both on the front of Ultimate editions, and Champions edition, with a sharing spotlight with Neymar, who is a Brazilian Saint-Germain’s playmaker. You can also explore new version of Fifa 19 available to see with AliExpress Offers on Mobile Games.

The makers of FIFA 19, which is EA sports has protected and secured the rights to league of UEFA Champions, which involves almost everything, including the anthem, commentary team, and logo of that popular club tournament of Europe, also including Europa League club tournaments. You can either pick and choose your own team, or with any eligible team. This time, it also grants you to play through the complete campaign of champion’s league.

The new modes, known as the kickoff modes, allows you to jump in the cup final, and to determine a winner, you can play both a home and away legs. It also adds a lot of pageant and condition to an under services mode, which daily adds a lot of action from gamers who play with their friends. In order to track and follow the head to head statistics and data with their friends, the players can now combine and associate their gamertag.

Even the improvements in technology, mostly game’s real user motion technology has made some difference in every different game mode. This allows the player to strike the ball with a more realistic manner, reducing the robotic movements. The craft of authentic atmosphere is amazing. You can see the mud fly, pitch dogged, jostling players, etc.

For the most fun and new content, there comes the option of new house rules. Its survival mode expels any random player, when they earn a goal from the player’s team. As each side tend to lose parts of their squad, it creates some absurd gaming moments. Modes like Volleys, and Headers motivates and encourages unique approaches to play.

Ultimate team mode, which is one of the famous team modes, is back again, but with some updates, like live content renewal from competitions of Europa League, and Champions League in the Ultimate Team. The recent feature about dynamic tactics and strategies gives more choice to customize the team, during or before the match. It also traits the famous and new White Hart Lane stadium, along with Wolverhampton Wanderers, Fulham, and Cardiff City, which are the recent and new stadiums of the Premier League sides.


A lot of people has already played this game, and there are a number of fans who are disappointed due to many reasons. One the of the reasons they mentioned for the disappointment of the latest update is the changes made by EA sport, like kick – off feature, addition of timed finishing, and house rules variety. As it is said that you cannot satisfy everybody, just like that on one hand a lot of people liked and loved these features, on the other, some did not. If you are willing to explore some of best online games in India then you must use available Snapdeal Offers for gaming series.

EA has confirmed that this instalment will be the last instalment of the journey. Though many people have shown their disappointments towards this game, a lot more people loved this game. FIFA lovers will definitely play it, without giving much attention to the critics. Its better to play and find out yourself, whether it is worth playing or not.

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