Facebook Remarketing Tips & Tricks

January 5, 2019
Facebook Remarketing Tips

The major benefit of this is it allows you to present the targeted ads in front of the audience that already shows their interest in the same. Experts especially recommend for investing in remarketing.

What is Facebook remarketing?

Remarketing is a wise way to stay connected with visitors that are coming to your website but might not purchase any product or made an inquiry. Facebook remarketing is the ultimate form of remarketing.

Why Facebook?

Facebook has 2.07 Billion of monthly users worldwide which seriously makes Facebook less ignorant. 5 new profiles are created every second which clearly depicts that your dedicated audience is exploring. Right now, Facebook ranks the topmost position in Social media existence.

No need to try every social platform for searching your potential customers.

The data shows that every age group is engaged in Facebook which is a golden opportunity for your business.

Why is Facebook remarketing better than Display marketing?

Facebook demands only 20 customers for retargeting, whereas, Adwords requires at least 1,000 users. Facebook remarketing is far superior to Google display network as this Social networking site allows a segmented list of demographics like Education level, Job, Industry and Title etc. No banner blindness is observed in fb remarketing, see the example below:

Why there is no AdBlock on Facebook?

AdBlocker only works on Banners and thanks to Facebook for not posting the ads on the banner. Instead, they place them directly into your news feed similar to a post.

10 tips to make better Facebook Ads in 2018:
  1. Add your Customer’s testimonial for increasing your conversion rate.
  2. Instead of adding up so many extra details, stick to your topic or offer only and also try to make some catchy taglines that no one have even heard of.
  3. Don’t schedule your ads unless you are trying to target the International customers.
  4. Look for the most cost-effective window by looking for different costs at various time periods.
  5. It is proven that most of the people are more likely to click on those ads which show an expiration date, Offer or anything that is quite catchy.
  6. Collaboration with another leader is another awesome way to draw some attention. Keep your offers landing-page specific.
  7. Start testing different images to create some variations in your ad if you are not doing so.
  8. Change the placement as Facebook allows these three areas: Desktop news feed, Desktop right column and Mobile.
  9. Dynamic increase in sales can be seen if you are offering anything for free.
  10. Feel free to play with different color schemes. Include a Call-to-action button.

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