In the first quarter of the twentieth century Henry Ford, the American industrialist revolutionized the automobile industry by introducing his innovative model in the market. He advertised heavily and ensured that all major American newspapers had advertisements about his model in a prominent way in them.

But things have changed. Marketing is not that simple newspaper advertisement anymore. With the advent of the digital world, marketing is now a lot more personalized, detailed, and innovative.

Statistics show that on average a person spends more than two hours daily online and in 2020 there were over 3.5 billion people on social media and this figure is to surpass 4 billion by 2025.

This huge potential market can be easily capitalized by an effective digital marketing campaign and one of the easiest digital marketing is email marketing. You can automate your email marketing efforts with any top services like Mailchimp or similar sites.

Here are some ways that can be effectively used to increase your return on the investment you make on email marketing.

Send the email at the right time
All people are not active on the internet at the same time. Different people are active at different times and that depends predominantly on their profession. And also the type of product you are willing to market is important in selecting the time you send the mail.

For example, if your product is a technical product used in the industry, your customer is probably a senior engineer and persons of that profile check their emails during the first hours of office(9 am to 12 pm) on weekdays.

So that’s when to mail to them. On the other hand, if the product to be marketed is a personal product, like dresses, cosmetics, the best time to mail about so is 1 pm to 3 pm that is the second half of the day when people are active personally on social media. Statistics show that 3 pm is the prime time to get the highest number of clicks on average.

So to get more customers to buy your product or service, timing is important. However, if specific data about the customer is not available, 1 pm to 3 pm is the best time to send an advertising mail.

Call to action and offer
People are generally passionate about themselves rather than others. So it is important to give people a feeling of importance. And the best way to do so is to give them ‘special’ offers in the advertising mail.

If the person is already an existing customer, then a special discount offer is highly important in retaining the customer in the longer run. These factors are to be kept under consideration while sending the mail.

Also, stagnancy is hated by all and life is passionate about speed and moving forward. This passion is to be considered while making a marketing mail. The best way is a ‘call to action’. An option like ‘Click here to buy now’ might be wonderful.

Using an effective subject line
People love to hear stories. The subject line should be the proof of so. The subject line should arouse interest in the mind of the reader to read more.

If the subject line is presented in such a way that it is catchy, funny and increases inquisitiveness in the mind of the reader to read more, then only the mail should be considered as a success because that is the situation when the whole of the mail will impact the reader, otherwise, the reader might just delete the mail after having just a look at it.

Impressive design with a short text.
People don’t have time nowadays. So if a marketing mail is lengthy, the receiver might just delete the mail without even giving a look at it.

Similarly, if the mail is cumbersome in its design or format, it will be difficult for the reader to grasp it and the reader might instantly delete the mail. So it is to be taken care that the mail is short, to the point and attractive, and easy to grasp in its design.

Don’t let the world forget you.
Even your most loyal customers won’t remain loyal for long. The world is highly globalized and options are huge in front of your customers. So the best thing is remaining as a brand in your customers’ minds. Don’t let them forget you.

And while creating new customers let them know about your brand and don’t let them forget about your brand.
To do so, follow-up emails after the first mail is important. But care is to be taken that it does not become too much and irritating for the customer.

With the above steps, you can increase the ROI in your email marketing. But one thing is to be kept under consideration, don’t do ‘too much’ marketing. It might be a disaster.