Pros and Cons of Email marketing

July 3, 2019
pros and cons of email marketing

Email marketing- a name you all must be heard of. This is one of the most successful part of marketing through which you can reach to your dedicated customers only. Ones who subscribe to your email will only be getting updates about your website.

If talking about the cost of Email marketing, so the cost of the whole campaign is relatively low and you don’t have to empty your whole pocket for this. There is a small monthly charge which you have to pay to a company for protecting all the spam complaints.

Your business will grow for sure as you are contacted by the interested customers only. The product sales and visibility will be increasing. Your subscribers will follow your link and land to your website and rest you know the story.

There is a huge benefit of Email marketing named tracking through which you can track the campaign’s ups and downs with updates about peoples who opened your mail and made a purchase or read the blog. Google analytics help you in tracking the further details.

Have you ever got frustrated with those bulk emails? Personally, I used to be a lot. Don’t ever send your customer’s too many emails and instead of getting too many clients, all you ended up with is a negative review of your company.

Do you know that the email spamming can also shut down your website? Yes, if few of your customers report your website as spam; through the company to your web host your website could shut down.

It hardly takes a few minutes to get ready an email and send it to the subscriber. An email newsletter takes the shorter time than traditional marketing and also you be needed a laptop or even mobile only.

Emails are easier to push a forward button only. Because there is nothing printed, the Email marketing is more environment-friendly.

Like the 2 sides of a coin, there are some disadvantages of Email marketing too.

The major one is Spam that would be achieved with unsolicited email. You need to be sure about the targeted audience. ‘Click Through Rate’ for the untargeted emails are measured as very low.

You hardly get 5 seconds to leave an impression on the reader to start with something interesting.

Your email may get hidden in the people’s inbox among other emails.

Are your emails getting delivered? If your emails are designed poorly, they may do not get delivered so be sure about the images and other data are sending to the right person only.

The images need to be enough smaller that loads quickly as the larger ones may lose your audience’s interest.

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