Elements To Include To Build The Proper Road To SEO Traffic

May 29, 2019
Elements To Include To Build The Proper Road To SEO Traffic

If you want to increase the traffic to your website you will need to follow the latest SEO techniques. These techniques will tell you about the necessary elements required to build the road that will be helpful for your users to get the information they require as well as help your site to gain the traffic that you require to boost up conversion and your sales.

Building SEO traffic is primarily required to ensure that you stay in the competition as get to sell your product more easily.

Tips to build SEO traffic

Here are a few essential elements that you should include in your SEO traffic building process.

  • Better user experience: It goes without saying that you will need to provide better and more insightful user experience to the visitors when people visit your business site. It is only when you provide them with a good user experience it will be easy for you to convert a lead into a sale. However, if you leave them disoriented with an unorganized site design and unintuitive content, it will prove to be a huge turn off. It is for sure that you will end up losing a prospective sale simply due to the reason that your site was not easy to read, navigate and browse.
  • Average time spent: You must also focus on improving the average time spent on your site because you are not Google which is the only site that does not care how long a user spends a session in it. You will need to make sure that this average time spent by the users on your site is long and good enough. Since you will not get much time to make an impression when a user visits your site for the first time, you will need to know the best ways to manage the first 5 or ten seconds well to create the bet impression, or else you will have a visitor lost. Moreover, since people are accessing more and more sites and that too at a fast pace through their mobile devices, it is essentially important that you work on improving the time factor if it is poor. It is only when you grab their attention with your appealing site and pictures you will have a better chance to turn them into a happy customer.
  • Loading speed: It is also required that you focus on the loading speed of your website which is another important aspect to consider to gain more SEO traffic. It is obvious that faster loading website pages will have more visitors because the time spent by people on your website and the speed at which the pages load are both correlated. Therefore, loading speed is an important factor as the visitors hardly will wait to see what you have on offer. Fast loading is very important especially for the mobile friendly sites as a desktop site will take a lot of time to load if a user uses a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. It is more likely that in most of the cases it will not open at all even. According to several studies, the mobile users will hardly wait for ten seconds and not more to view a site. The best way to ensure this is to take help of a professional scholarship link building service that will use the right code in the programs to make your site pages faster to download.
  • Focus on mobile SEO: The most significant and effective way to gain more SEO traffic is to win the mobile SEO game. This goes without saying that Google now recommends that most sites should be mobile responsive because this will give the users a greater and better experience. However, if you do not want to make your website mobile responsive it is at least required that you have a separate HTML site that may be reserved for the mobile users. That means having a mobile friendly site is something that you cannot and should not ignore.

With all these requirements, you may tend to think that it is high time to optimize your site for SEO. Yes it is as it will significantly and definitely increase the chances of improving your SEO ranking for the target keywords in Google search results.

Solid long term SEO strategy

Therefore, SEO is the most important thing of today and you must have a solid SEO strategy in place for your long term benefits. Optimizing your website is the first step towards it. As for the others you can either read through the several different SEO articles or take help of a professional SEO company if you do not have time or energy for that.

You can also make the best use of the social media community as almost all users are first and foremost preoccupied with interaction either for sharing information or to gain some more. Make sure you reach to them fast with a carefully designed, brief and informative comments section which is the primary thing that social media users look for almost every time.

It is therefore important that you do not ignore this section and consider this to be just a redundant annex to your prized and quality content. Ideally, this is what content marketing strategy is all about.

If your comment section is thoughtful and carefully designed, most people will comment on it as well as the topic you have discussed. More and more people will be interested to read the blog post and even if they do not they will get a fair idea about your business and product.

All this will result in an increased traffic and reduced bounce rate and the mere presence of so many users in such a little time will not only create a more impressive effect but will also result in a higher SEO ranking.

It will also eliminate the chances of very low session duration as increased traffic will surely increase the average session duration as well.


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