Are you are an Internet Service provider struggling to get noticed? Or perhaps you already have a loyal base of subscribers, and now you want to market premium services. Whatever the scenario, you could use some help marketing your business.

Marketing Tips for ISP – How to Expand Your Subscriber Base?

Before you do anything, learn from the giants in the industry. For instance, observe how Charter markets its Spectrum Internet plans. Learn the company’s unique selling point. What can you imitate? How can you better your services and so on…? To help you out, here are some marketing strategies that can be leveraged to promote your Internet business:

1: Raise Awareness
When raising awareness for your business, tell your target audience what makes you different. What problems can you solve and what solution does your Internet Service offer.
Successful marketing is all about education. For this, you must first identify problems your service can solve. For instance, if you offer Wi-Fi to customers with large homes that often complain about poor Wi-Fi signals, include Wi-Fi extenders as an add-on in your Internet plan.
When marketing your services, mention how your new offering (i.e. Wi-Fi extender) can cater to the weak Wi-Fi signals problem.

2: Engagement is the Key
Have you tried reaching out to your local community? This includes local computer clubs, libraries, and other offices. Why not pitch your business proposal to them and tell them how your Internet services are better.
Another way is to keep engaging with your communities or existing customers. Let them be the advocates of your services. This word of mouth marketing will help you attract more business, grow your subscribers, and build a reputation.

3: Start an Email Campaign
Launch an email marketing campaign. Don’t just promote yourself, make the subject line valuable to the one reading it. An effective way of getting the attention of your readers is through a personalized email campaign. For example, if one segment of your target market includes small homes, the email must introduce them to your low-priced tier. On the contrary, when you are targeting a different segment with, let’s say, large homes, encourage them to get a Wi-Fi extender as an add-on. Give the audience what they need, and they will certainly stop and consider signing up for your services.

4: Organize In-Person Events
Business and residential customers want to learn to get the most from their Internet. There’s no better way of connecting with potential customers than a seminar from a company offering Internet services. You might already have a blog on your website, and you use social media to post about the latest happenings in the industry as well, you can always do more. Customers appreciate the chance to meet face-to-face with the people they are interested in doing business with.
Do open room for Q&A to help build trust with customers. As a result, the potential customer might turn into a lead. Even if they are not ready at the moment, when they are, they will reach out to you!

5: Introduce Special Offers and Discounts
Discounts and special offerings are always effective in getting more people to subscribe to your services. To encourage them to try premium services, offer introductory prices for 6 months to a year. Once the introductory period is over, they might as well stick to the service because they have adapted their lifestyle to this speed and experience.

6: Expand Your Services to New Areas
Identify areas where seamless internet services are not available and expand your services to those regions. To attract the new subscribers to sign up for your services, bundle standard plans with premium services.
Keep on seeking opportunities to branch out your services to other communities at a fair rate. As cliché as this idea sounds, it can be highly effective. After all, some existing customers are not ready to switch to premium services. Therefore, it’s better to expand and acquire new customers.

7: Launch a Freemium Version
I hear you, launching a freemium version can be hard for companies offering Internet services but try thinking outside the box. For instance, you could sell a free modem or Wi-Fi extender.
These freemiums can be for a limited time or a part of each internet plan indefinitely. Use them effectively for enticing the audience to sign up for your services.


These marketing strategies will work wonders in boosting your subscriber base. Initially, you won’t receive as many sales call as Spectrum phone number does, but the sale percentage will grow eventually. You must remain consistent.