Do you know the name of those ads that appear on the web? Those that have a square or rectangular format and are on the pages you visit? What, when you click on it, you can see that it takes you to a different site? Well, they are known as AdWords display ad formats.

Contrary to what it seems, these ads will appear based on the preferences of the people who browse the Internet, as well as the pages they have visited. It is very important that you include Google Ads ads if you have a digital marketing strategy for your business.

Google Ads has multiple tools that are really useful to help your business grow and generate many more visits to your website. Each ad that you are going to choose has a specific type of format, which has different sizes and types of use.

What are Adwords Display Ad Formats?

It is a type of online advertising that appears as a banner and that is usually sent to landing pages. They can become very basic, containing only images and texts while they are advertising the site or products.

However, they can also be very elaborate, they may include videos, audio, and other interactive formats that are attractive to users.

When creating Google Display ads, fees must be paid, something that is done based on three basic payment models:

  1. Cost per thousand impressions (CPM): Here, the advertiser will have to pay a predetermined amount, each time the ad has been shown about 1000 times on the platform. It is mainly used in the upper part of the funnel, or where greater visibility is sought.
  2. Cost per click (CPC): It will only be paid when the user has clicked on the ad.
  3. Cost per action or interaction (CPI): In this option, it will be paid each time the user has performed a certain action, such as having interacted with the ad.

How you can choose the best Adwords display ad formats

Everything will depend on the type of campaign you want to advertise. It is very important that you keep in mind that the formats that work best are the small ones. However, everything will depend on the type of announcement you are making at the moment.

It is recommended that you use images that have the text so that you can attract much more the vision of the audience. The important thing here is that you have a good digital marketing strategy, in which you establish the alignment that the campaigns you want to advertise will have.

Maintaining order will help you define what type of format and what type of ads are the most suitable for each campaign you carry out.

How does Display Advertising Work?

Through Google Ads Display campaigns you will be able to find your right audience and at the best time. Thanks to the great segmentation that it allows, messages are placed in strategic places and moments. And what is the objective? Get as many users as possible to click on banners or advertisements.

That is, Adwords will allow you to target the ads to users who are more likely to be interested in the service or product you offer. This network also uses remarketing lists to motivate users much more on the sites they have already visited.

Benefits of Adwords Display Ad Formats

Little by little it is becoming clearer to you why it is important to use the Display, ads that are attractive and have an intention. They are perfect formats for you to reach your audience and start generating more customers. Do you want to know what its advantages are? Here they are:

  • Measurable results: It is always important that you know if your campaign is having the expected effect. With display ads, you will be able to take all measures to keep improving.
  • Segmentation capacity: With these ads, it will be much easier for you to separate users who are really interested in purchasing your service or product from those users who saw your banner by chance, but do not intend to buy.
  • Try remarketing: Thanks to these ads you will be able to recover users who have already had the first contact with your website, but who did not make the purchase. In this way, you can offer them the product again so that they will finish convincing them and buy it.
  • They adapt to mobile devices: The Adwords display ad formats can be viewed on computers, tablets, and smartphones. The display network does not waste at any time the boom it has had in the mobile field, always adapting the ads.

What are the Types of Adwords Display Ad Formats?

Banners, as already mentioned above, can appear as images that are animated, better known as GIFs, or also in a static way.

In this way, there are several types of ads, everything will depend on the objectives you have. Some of them are:

1.- Text ads with selection to display

These are text ads that can be included in the display network and that seek to generate a greater reach.

They include a title, description, and URL. They will appear in image or native formats, but, nevertheless, they are not very striking in the visual aspect.

2.- Graphic Ads, Robpapages or MPU Middle Page Unit

This is one of the most used formats along with mega banners since they have a fairly wide scope.

In general, its format is square or rectangular. They adapt to the available and visible spaces that many websites have , thus increasing user participation much more.

One of the preferred formats of brands is the 300 × 600 since it is visually more impressive.

3.- Skyscraper

This ad appears in the form of a vertical rectangle. It usually reaches 120 × 600 pixels. Generally, it is located on the right margin of the page. However, it can also be found on the left side.

Nowadays they are not widely used, because their size limits the spaces, so the performance can be lower.

4.- Lightbox

They are interactive advertisements that only respond when users click on them, or when they pass the course over it. They often include images, videos, maps, or a combination of these.

This banner can expand and fill the entire screen. In turn, it also shows videos or displays an image gallery, in order to guide the user to your website.

They will serve to connect you with potential clients and to captivate audiences. Likewise, you can also include a product feed for them.

5.- Responsive Ads

These are dynamic ads that adapt to the different sizes of GDN ads. In them, you can include up to 15 images, 5 titles, 5 logos, 5 descriptions, and even a long title.

You can also create thousands of combinations and, through Google’s machine learning, the combination that is most relevant for each client will be displayed. While you are going through the purchase process, Google will be in charge of improving your performance.

6.- Gmail Ads

The Gmail Ads you will allow include small advertising formats, better known as teasers, within the inbox of the email user and depending on different targeting criteria.

If the user clicks on the teaser, it will give way to an HTML format with an appearance similar to that of any advertising email. The creative possibilities that this format has are very wide since you will have the possibility to work with text, video, forms, images, among others.

On the other hand, as in all Adwords products, the possibilities of segmentation and measurement are very advanced. For example, you can segment by keywords, interests, domains, gender, age, job, or buyers in a certain sector.

Each campaign you run is different

It is very important that each campaign you are going to carry out has its own creativity. The purpose of the campaigns can vary and that is when you should bear in mind that the formats also change.

Within your marketing strategy, the Ads display ads will be fundamental. You do not have to fear change, since the taste is in the variety. Your campaigns will be modifiable as long as you see the results they are generating.

You must bear in mind that the Google Ads platforms will allow you to edit your own campaigns, images, and the format you want.

As you can see, it is not difficult at all to optimize your website with the Adwords display ad formats. It is only going to be important that you follow these recommendations.

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