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Free Web Directory Submission Sites List

By Yogesh Gaur on January 11, 2019

The Web directory or link directory is on the Internet (World Wide Web). This is a collection of data coded into categories. It is specialized to connect other websites and categorize those links. The process of sending your own link to a web directory is called a directory submission.

When your link gets approved and it is included in the directory, then the search engine gives importance to your website.

The more quality back links your website has, the more your site’s rank will be above the search engine.

Make sure that you are submitting your site under the most appropriate category to take the full advantage of directory submission.

Remember that the web directory is not a search engine and not display any list of web pages based on keywords and instead, it lists web sites by category and further subcategory. Classification is usually based on the entire web site rather than a set of pages or keywords, and sites are often limited to just being included in certain categories.

What are some things to keep in mind while submitting the directory

  • Do not submit your site in the wrong category in the greed for attractive listings and earning opportunities.
  • Submit your site in the most accurate sub category.
  • Do not spam any directories.
  • Do not provide wrong physical address or blog stats.
  • Do not choose to submit to a site that requires reciprocal linking.
  • How is a directory submission done? Point interpretation

What are the benefits of Directory Submission?

BY directory submission, your website is likely to indexed and crawled faster in the major Search engines with higher link popularity. More pages are meant to be indexed in the Search engines with better rankings than earlier. The keywords and phrases in the directory listing links to the title and description. Most of the directory submission websites are having the Social sharing buttons that the users are using to share a link with others.

You will be gaining relevant and powerful links with increased website traffic and your brand awareness.

Brand Building: Having a directory of your company or domain name is great for brand building.

3 types of Directory submissions:

Free Regular Listing

I submit a request for a link to the web directory or link to the web directories directly from my web directory, or link it to some of the direct links that have been added to the directory.

Regular Link with Reciprocal

Directory submission has been added to the web directory’s link to your blog or if you have a link to the directory that you have approved to link to.

Paid Listing

The link submission of this link is to allow you to submit a link to your blog, which has been sent to the web directories, or has been approved by you, or the directory that you link to.

List for High quality Directory submission Sites:-

S.NO Directory Submission Sites List
1 vtakemycart.com
2 usalistingdirectory.com
3 marketinginternetdirectory.com
4 usgeo.org
5 dizila.com
6 dmoz.org
7 somuch.com
8 gigablast.com
9 activesearchresults.com
10 a1webdirectory.org
11 sonicrun.com
12 secretsearchenginelabs.com
13 mastermoz.com
14 infotiger.com
15 247webdirectory.com
16 w3catalog.com
17 ananar.com
18 addbusiness.net
19 acewebdirectory.com
20 1websdirectory.com
21 happal.com
22 livepopular.com
23 momsdirectory.net
24 nonar.com
25 bedwan.com
26 thinkfla.com
27 add-oncon.com
28 wewebware.com
29 link-minded.com
30 zebralinks.com
31 abovealldirectory.com
32 bestseodirectory.net
33 directory.edu.vn
34 thedirectorylistings.org
35 web-directory-sites.org
36 dondir.com
37 generalbusinesswebdirectory.com
38 likeddot.com
39 mugro.info
40 abacusseo.com
41 gainesvillesbest.com
42 10directory.com
43 ewebresource.com
44 generaldirectorylistings.org
45 linkdirectorylistings.org
46 realplayerlive.com
47 ec123.net
48 triplewdirectory.com
49 netinsert.com
50 reddit.com
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