Difference between Organic, paid and Total reach on a Facebook page

February 20, 2019

The time a Search Engine returns to its search results, it is basically of two types: Organic and Paid. Organic Search results are the web page listings that are most closely to SEO and is also known as “Natural search” which is the base of SEO- the organic results. Organic reach is the total number of peoples that are visible to your post through unpaid distribution. It is based on the number of people who saw your Facebook page post through News Feed, Ticker or official FB page. Organic is the most common way of reaching to other Facebook users.

Paid results are none other than Advertisements that any website owner pays to their Web pages for specific keywords. It is the perfect way to reach the potential clients. Total reach is the number of unique people who actually saw your posts.

Organic reach might be steady, so it may be possible to switch to Facebook’s paid Advertising options for promotion and increasing the reach of posts. Paid advertisements add up an extra benefit of targeting peoples from different geographical areas. Organic allows getting the reach only up to peoples of similar interests or demographics. Click on “Boost” button located at the bottom of the published page, select audience type, allocate the suitable budget and select the duration.

10 ways to boost your Facebook reach:

  1. Looking for creating ads that viewer would like to perform a specific action, it’s better to include customer testimonial in advertising for the same. Start showing real people for a recommendation of your product.
  2. Add some genuine colors to post for an eye-catchy look.
  3. Use hashtags for better reach and engagement.
  4. Synchronize the post with landing page itself for a more effective look. Both work in harmony.
  5. Clarify your content about the product/ topic. Look at the content again and again (proofreading).
  6. If you don’t to get banned from Facebook, schedule the ads for each day. Find out the perfect time of Day for post reach.
  7. Be in collaboration with another leader to dram recognition trust and faith.
  8. Test your images to choose the best one for the post.
  9. As per kissmetrics, change the placement of Ad.
  10. Facebook allows a variety of geo-targeting strategies and options to take the advantage of ability.

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