Search Engine Optimization is a method that online companies used to get more traffic to the website and having an effective seo strategy can benefit you with the online presence. It is good for the Social presence as well. There is nothing like On page SEO is important or Off page, both plays an important role in Website’s ranking. Focusing on content as well as backlinks quality is important.

on page seo interlinking

On-page SEO looks at what your site (or your page) is about

Off-page SEO looks at how authoritative and popular your site is

Difference between On page and Off page SEO Activities

On page SEO Activities Off page SEO Activities
Internal Linking Directory Submission
Meta Description Article Submission
URL Structure PPT Submission
Keyword Density Classified submission
Body Tag Social Bookmarking
Meta Tag Social Media Engagement
Page Title Blog Posting
Content Optimization Image Sharing


What is On page SEO and its activities?

On page SEO is all about changing and adapting to suit the keywords and creating ‘Search Engine Friendly’ websites or articles. It includes optimizing Title tag, Sub headings and Content to make your website User as well as Search Engine friendly. It includes optimizing the HTML code, Content structure and Content quality.

On-Site Optimization Techniques:

Headlines: Post titles should be attractive and keyword-rich as well as catchy enough to click. It should be short yet descriptive that helps you to gain more business.

Keyword Density: Keywords are the search terms that people type into the Search engines to get related information. Use every keyword option that is related to the niche you are writing for. However, keyword density should not cross 2% because Google hates meaningless posts stuffed with keywords.

Permalink Structure: URLs should also contain keywords and avoid unusual characters and symbols. This is one of the most important factor in On page SEO that can rank your website in mean time.

URL Structure: An SEO optimized URL must be easy to crawl for the Search engines without any hidden road blocks of website. It makes user’s navigation more efficient and reflects the pages they are up to. It should be shorter and also does not contain any special character.

Meta Description: This element must reveal the purpose of your post within 160 characters, keywords included. Suppose you search for a keyword in the Search box, the results shown with nearly characters are Meta Description.

Images: Visual elements improve search ranking, but they need to be compressed not to slow down your website performance.

Content Quality: Google always want Unique and Fresh content, it should be Keyword optimized in a well formed manner. It is one of the most important parts that ensures you to be regularly updated with required keywords and phrases to get good search engine rankings. It needs to be useful and informative to serve your users what they are looking for.

Fast Loading pages: The Google Search engine algorithms are since April, 2010 has direct relation with the page load speed. Not only for the Search engines but for the user’s as well loading time of lesser than 2 seconds works well. Not only for the e-commerce stores but slow load time is a problem for every site. Some of reasons behind slow loading of site could be Lack of Browser cache and Gzip compression, Slow hosting, Images or so many plugins.


What is Off page SEO and its activities?

Unlike On page SEO, off page seo focus on increasing your domain authority with different submission activities on other websites. One of the biggest Off-page SEO factor for ranking is number and quality of backlinks with the social media shares of content you submitted; quality still matters more than quantity. Content submission like Guest Posting and Web 2.0 submissions are both one of the best Off page activity. Basically, it includes only the promotion of websites on other websites. Backlinks are the incoming links to your site, more site links mean more domain authority.


Social Bookmarking: Being one of the top three seo off page activity, it involves listing your links on a social bookmarking site to generate more traffic and help the users in storing data. It is an online web portal that allows the users to Share, Add and Edit various web documents. It helps you to go viral, Increase traffic and ultimately improve your Search engine rankings.

Blogging: Search engines love fresh content and submitting it to high authoritative blogging websites can boost your Search Engine Rankings. By allowing your Comments and Feedback section, better relation with the users will be established. Connect to the people and get more clients to your existing business.

Directory Submission: Choose an effective and niche related directory submission sites where’ NAP’ Name Address Place should be constant to get better rankings.

Info graphic and Image submissions: This is one of the simple yet effective Off page seo technique  as it is a medium to share information in attractive manner.

To get an effective Off page seo, perform link audit and Moz spam score, Report suspected negative SEO strategies, Remove bad links, Manage page speed, Check duplicate content, Secured website and Monitor the Google business.