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September 19, 2018
cryptocurrency apps

There probably isn’t a person in the world who hasn’t stumbled upon the word Bitcoin in the last half a decade. I remember when I first heard of it I just shrugged my shoulders as I thought it was just another scam. Well, as it turns out, Bitcoin soon became that one in a million online scams that weren’t a scam. It became a real deal and so, the age of Bitcoin began.

Naturally, like every other person, as soon as Bitcoin took off, I had to get into the game. But getting in the game became harder than I thought. The first Bitcoin boat sailed out and now it became much harder to do anything useful. But, with time it did become a bit easier thanks to the gigantic interest in apps that helped people like me make the first steps.

Now that it’s become even easier for individuals to enter the wide world of Bitcoin, I’ve started researching the simplest ways to jump into this new and fascinating field of investment, and I’ve come across dozens and dozens of helpful apps on a variety of topics in the field. But I recently found a list of some more targeted apps that I thought were super helpful.  If you’d like to check out the full list for yourself, I found it here.

Best 10 Bitcoin Apps by AppGrooves

Instead of picking just a few from the list, I’m going to group them by topic with a quick overview of each, to make them a little easier for beginning Bitcoin traders. The two important categories I thought for beginning traders are Bitcoin Wallets and Bitcoin Price Alerts.

  1. Bitcoin Wallets

The first thing you need to know about cryptocurrencies is just like the regular fiat currencies, they have wallets. You also carry it in your pocket, but on your phone as it’s a digital wallet. Thus, you want to always have your wallet in order so you can jump right on that trend you see. These cryptocurrency wallets will have your Bitcoin, Ethereum and more ready to go so you can trade on demand. Here are 3 wallets I consider to be good.

Apps: Coinbase, Blockchain Wallet, Luno Bitcoin Wallet

Coinbase is your all-in-one home base for all your cryptocurrencies. It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, keeping them all in separate wallets until you need them for trading purposes. It’s often the go-to wallet for people who initially start trading. Blockchain Wallet is similar with great security features like the 12-word backup phrase, 2-factor authentication and a 4-digit PIN to protect all your funds. Just to let you know, in the world of trading, security should always be your priority.

Both of these crypto-wallets have so many security features that they can be a bit of a chore to log into sometimes, although arguably the security is worth the hassle. But if you’d like just a touch quicker log-in, Luno is an encrypted but more glitch-free wallet – however, it does only support Bitcoin and Ethereum at the present time. Nevertheless, if you’re a beginner, that should be more than enough.

  1. Bitcoin Price Alerts

If you’re trying to invest in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, you should know that every second counts. This is where price alerts come in handy. These great tools will let you know the moment prices change, so you’ll always get the best exchange or trading rate anywhere on the globe. Just to be clear, the first app group also has price alerts, but I wanted to list a couple of apps that do it a bit better. At least in my opinion.

Apps: Bitcoin Checker, Coin Stats, Delta

Bitcoin Checker is a free Android-platform app that tracks all cryptocurrency exchange prices around the world at all times. This makes it the perfect option for real-time price prediction to help in your Bitcoin investment process. Its iOS counterpart, Coin Stats, performs nearly identically with the exception of some additional graphs and stats that can be useful in analyzing recurring trends in the cryptocurrency world. Both apps are perfect for the beginning investor who is looking to build a portfolio or start understanding the exchange and trading rates.

For the more experienced investor, there is Delta, a detailed analysis and investment tool for cryptocurrency traders with a diversified portfolio. Delta users have access to customized price alerts in any cryptocurrency, detailed profit and loss reports, and more analysis tools, though some are only accessible to the paid ‘Pro’ tier users.


Whether you are just crypto-curious, a beginning investor, or a serious trader looking to diversify, there are dozens of apps out there to help you achieve your Bitcoin trading dreams. I hope you’ll find the app that appeals most to you. Also, happy trading!

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