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January 13, 2020
Graphic Design

To understand your business is our part of process which allows us to alter our concepts and rebuild the designing part. We meet with your unique business needs. We provide various services including logo design services in Delhi. At Rupa communications, we believe in listening. Analyzing, interpreting and advising then finally implement it into new project we dealt with. We focus on providing professional and an attractive logo as per requirement of the company.

#Requirement of a logo:

An eye-catchy logo is required to represent the brands or corporate identities which help in nurturing the company’s growth. We make logo designs by keeping the colour combination of whole website by thinking out of the box. This process demands a regular involvement of marketing team and designing platform. The process gets started with interaction. You can also view our portfolio section for reference.

#What is a logo?

A logo is usually a symbol which is particularly designed for easy recognition and representing company. They are ubiquitous on a wide range of products like store banners, business cards, major equipments, stationery, marketing materials, packaging and uniforms or may some other things as well. Effective logos are important in image-building techniques.

#10 Demands of a good logo:

  • It always demands for a clarity message inside logo. Visitors ight eb associating your brand with logo, make it as simple as you can for a clear and concise one. Try to keep it simple and obviously recognizable.
  • Commit to a smaller piece of required information as it is not easier to remember one whole sentence or paragraph. Having too many information can make it tougher to revise by an average customer.
  • Simple logos have lesser chances of getting hacked whereas anyone can change some information and use it again on their brand from complex logo design. If the changes are major, copyright infringement may not be applied. Your brand recognition is in trouble.
  • Logo designing is a part of bigger and established businesses.
  • Your company will be earning venture capital to make an appearance of completeness.
  • It conveys the consumers that you are a reputed company.
  • Even if your business is new, proper investment in company can lead to generation of trust factor.
  • Well-designed logo is responsible for standing you out of the queue.
  • Think analytically to grab attention in a positive manner only. Only a good logo and tagline can make you serve the best customer service in the Industry.
  • It’s better not to appease everyone as it will not going to make your brand recognizable. Instead try to focus on niche market in accordance to focus the market.

The Graphic Design Services in Delhi will be provided you the logos in the maximum duration of 3 days. You can download the logo too. We can do the work until you are done. The logo will be available in all the standard formats like .PSD, .GIF, .PNG, .JPG, .AI, .CDR and .TIF.

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