How Microsoft excel test help in Digital Marketing

September 17, 2018
microsoft excel test

While we look around for so many online portal sites where tons of potential candidates apply for the job role, when it comes to hiring for our own organizations there are tons of things on which we need to act and think carefully. Before we start with any kind of hiring process as a recruit manger, your job is to understand the job role for which hiring needs to be done. However, at times, when you plan to hire a candidate who is going to be a fresher or the job role would be more like a multi-tasker one as that of a receptionist then you need to also have an understanding about the candidates’ technical knowledge.

What all things need to be assessed?

For a role in which multi-tasking is involved such as a sales person or a person handling the marketing or communication with the clients the most, it is expected that you understand if the person is more of an independent nature of a reliable nature. With technology advancement, you of course cannot expect the candidate to be working on the pen and paper for very record they create. That is why, as a generic part of pre-screening test, you are advised to conduct a Microsoft excel test. The test is all about assessing the excel knowledge which in today’s time not just a fresher but even a high level manager is expected to do.

Understanding more about the excel test:

This is one of the most common test in which the highly used tool Microsoft excel is used as a platform. The test is designed for assessing the excel skills of the candidate who is capable enough to do excel work and save a lot of your company’s valuable time, protect the records ina secure manner and do all the correct entries that can be used as and when required,. The test focuses on understanding the capability of the candidate to use the Excel with the formulas, shortlist and the functions that are more commonly used. It includes a lot of topics but again, the choice is yours on which topic you need to make the assessment.

Talking about the difficulty level, well, it all depends on for how long would the candidate be using excel. For a person who would be doing marketing the use of excel would merely be for keeping the records while for the person in finance would require it quite frequently. Different functions at such time need to be assessed that include pivot tables, vLookup, charts and macros with some statistical operations to name a few. Such test comes with the bunch of questions with different level of difficulty. This way, you can identify the candidates in much accurate manner and understand whether the person holds a proficiency in MS excel or not.

Advantages of using Microsoft Excel Test

Whether it is an intermediate candidate or just a fresher, using such a test can give you a clear idea about the:

  • Use of formula and functions for analysing the data
  • Saving your own time to turn the raw data in the points to be decision with the PowerPivots and Pivot tables
  • Understanding about the right use of statistical analysis by which decision making becomes easier
  • Making the use of charts and graphs in front of the clients during presentation
  • Using the macros and automating the spreadsheets with some of the most advanced functions.

Creating the Test with a Good care:

A single mistake in an excel error can cost a lot to your company in terms of dollars. A single wrong entered formula can create your entire report go vein. This can hamper the business decision in much worst manner. That is the main reason why at the time of hiring you can cover everything from the basics till advanced level based skills. The test focuses on also challenging the experts who are well aware of almost every part of excel.

In such test, there are not any of the multiple choice patterns. Since the test includes the questions that are based in the user to perform certain level of task on the screen, you can be rest assured that you will be able to hire only the best of the candidates. The test covers the topics such as:

  • Functions that includes Autosum, inserting
  • Formatting that includes columns and borders
  • Editing that includes replace, undo a do
  • Charts and graphs that includes to create or use different types
  • Details of the score report that includes the percentage and grades
  • Skill level that includes the choice to be made

The test does not require you to bring the candidate in the test centre. As long as the person is actually capable enough to work from any location and if the test is well proctored then you can detect the cheating easily. This is the main reason why you are advised to be careful with what type of software you choose for coming up with some unique style of writing or creating the test.

Excel is important in almost every field. But as long as you have the employees who are not really aware about this tool then you will have to pay extra time and money on training them. Better is the way to choose the right tool, analyse the experts and hire them to work for your organization. This way, you will be able to retain them for a long time as well.

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