Consider the Right Font for your Blog

November 20, 2019

When setting up a blog, you might give an upper hand to the plugins, content theme layout, and other features bit having the right font is equally important. The primary purpose of fonts is to ensure they are readable to help your readers to read your blog. Having the right font can easily earn some traffic to your blog. You need to know which font is appropriate to be used for the body and the headlines. Most readers are detail-oriented, and they would want content which I legible and readable. Therefore in this article, I will make a guideline on font selection to help you choose the right font for your blog.

Know the fonts

Sometimes we blindly use the fonts without knowing the purpose of respective fonts. Though it will be an oversimplification to say that most fonts can be classified as serif and san serif, you will get to know more when you download fancy fonts. San serifs don’t have many Strokes attached to the letters, and they are modern.

They are usually used to highlight texts. Serif fonts are known by their small lines, which are attached to the end of their letters. They are usually used for long texts. Script fonts can range from hand-drawn, playful, and elegant. Additionally, decorative fonts are catchy; hence, they should be used moderately in your blog. Therefore the fonts have different effects on your audience. Others are casual, while others may appear playful. That is why you need to choose the right font for your blog because it impacts how people perceive your brand.

Consider legibility

This might seem too obvious, but most people fail to consider the right font for their blogs. They might settle for something trendy and unique but fail to consider the legibility of a particular font on various browsers and screens. Therefore before you use the font on your blog, consider legibility by focusing on its stroke contrast, height, weight, character shapes, and there descended and ascended lengths.

Know your audience

You should not be selfish when choosing the right font for your blog. Remember, you have your audience because their interests should also be put into consideration. Know their preferences and needs.needs.Additionally, age also matters because it will help you to know if you will use a more formal font or casual. Once you have established who is your audience, then you will be in a good position to figure out the best font for your blog. I would advise that if you want to capture the interest of both the young and older, you can use a font that will not discriminate any group by basing on readability, the mood, and the type of font choice.

Respect your brand

After considering which font is suitable for your audience font, don’t forget the idea that you are selling in your blog. You need to ensure the choice of your font favors your brand because you would want to maintain the integrity of your brand. Therefore if you want to use various font combinations on your blog, ensure you moderate it so that your blog will be meaningful and interesting for the readers.

Let us have a look at some of the fonts that you might consider for your blog.



This is a San serif font, which is very legible; hence, it provides amazing readability. It is best when it is used for titles and headings. It can be paired with Raleway and open sans font. The good thing with this font is that it offers up to 18 different styles to help you make a good choice for your blog.

Zilla slab

Zilla slab

This is a popular font that is used by top browsers like Firefox because of its smooth curves, which makes it more usable and presents a better look. Zilla slab is appropriate when it is used for the body content because it is lightweight. It can be paired with open Sans fonts and Roboto.

Open sans

Open sans

This is the most appropriate font that you can use in your blog. It is very neat, that is why it is largely optimized for web content.



This is yet another pleasant font that looks perfectly good on-screen devices due to its curves and thickness. It can also be used as a fancy font.


The best blogs have the best fonts. If you can manage to follow the guidelines that I have provided, you will be amazed how your blog will be loved by many.

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