In our previous post, we talked about a lot of techniques used in search engine optimization.

Such as -Sitemaps Creation etc.

To analyze SEO efforts, many aspects have to be considered.

What is my website’s Bounce Rate?

From where are your users coming to your website? (From Organically, Directly, or Referral Websites)

What page do people read?

After reading the pages, are the people going to exit?

And there are many such questions whose answer can be found in Google analytics.

Google analytics is a very important tool for website owners and people who use it rightly can take great advantage.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google. Google analytics is the platform that collects data and translates it into useful reports. With the help of Analytics, the website owner can get information from all the visitors coming to their website. Today’s up to date information can only bring you ahead of your competitors. With this Google Analytics tool, we get a lot of information, which we use to increase our search engine ranking.

That’s why everyone should install analytics on their website.

It’s Easy to install!!!

We can easily add our website to Analytics.

For proper installation of Google Analytics, it has to follow 3 steps –

Creating a Google Analytics Account

Taking Tracking Code

Adding Analytics tracking code to your website.

Let’s start!

  1. Visit Google Analytics webpage. Click Sign in
  2. Select the option of Analytics.
  3. Use the Gmail ID to sign up.
  4. Fill the information sought for
  • Account Name
  • Website name
  • Website URL
  • Industry category

and then click the Get Tracking ID button below.

  1. Clicking on the Track ID will bring a pop-up, Select your country in it and click on I agree.
  2. Now you will get analytics code, which you can copy.
  3. Paste this code in your website before </ head> (closing head tag).

And in this way Google Analytics will be set up in your website.

If the website is made on Word Press, you can add Analytics Code to the website like this –

  1. Add this plugin to your Word Press website
  2. Go to settings of this plugin and paste the code in the 2nd column.
  3. Click the Save changes button.

Benefits of the Google analytics

Google Analytics: The free tool created by Google that you can use to make the necessary analysis about your website such as the traffic that comes to your website, from which route it turns to your website, Provides full information and reports about it.

With the help of this tool, it also shows that from where and when the customer and visitor see your website and what they are trying to find, they provide information about the details. By increasing the traffic of your website, more and more people can turn your business towards your business, some of them are mentioned below:

  1. It comes for Free: To use this tool you do not need to buy it. You can use it for free; get the right data and analysis about your business and product. All you need is a Gmail account which is essential for using this tool and it is absolutely free.
  2. Analyze the source of traffic: With the help of this tool, you can easily get the information about where visitors get information about your website such as whether they came from your website search engine or who gave you advertisements or some other website By which You can find the right source by analyzing it and use it in the future to increase traffic to the website.
  3. Breakdown of Keyword: Google Analytics is very helpful in finding out which keyword you have entered in the search engine, due to which traffic has increased towards your website. You can use this feature to attract customers to your keyword by using its keyword in the maximum and the right place on your website pages.
  4. Information about Visitors: It can be easily accessed using Google Analytics to find out which location a customer opens your website and finds. You will be able to find out how to attract customer attention to your website more.
  5. Uniqueness of your website page: Google Analytics offers a feature that allows you to tell which page visitors are seeing more and according to these statistics, you can update customers and visitors by updating them with even more unique information. Increase the cell by promoting it.
  6. Traffic flow: Google Analytics displays you in the statistics graph, through which you can find out where you get more traffic and where you use the keyword, and with this help you can also know the bounce rate.
  7. Analysis of Historical data: You can find out about how the traffic is changing according to time, using data from many years. Considering all these things, you can move your business towards promotion.
  8. Helps in measuring the massive data (to help in measuring large numbers of data and giving accurate information. In just a few seconds, Google Analytics has been very helpful in analyzing the right data for you.
  9. Help with your business: By using this tool you get so much information that no human or team can give it rightly, it is obvious that you will make the right decisions by looking at all the data in increasing your business.
  10. Large Volume reporting and matrix: It is most important that you go to the full report about your business and take full advantage of the right matrix used in it.

Using the Google Analytics tool has proved to be very helpful in increasing your business in the digital world, which gives accurate information about many things in business, and with this information we can improve the business to reach the height.

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